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URGENT!! not indexing my new pages


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URGENT!! not indexing my new pages

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My site is

For three days in a row, MSN hasn't indexed even a single article from my site (out of 11 articles I wrote in that time).

What worries me is that; I see MSNBot crawling my site, but it crawls the old and already indexed pages in it, and it doesn't touch the newer pages.

Please suggest something!

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  • Part of our indexing criteria involve site & Page rank (not Google PR, but our PR). This is explained in our FAQs which are stickied at the top  of this forum.  We look at both on-page and off-page factors. Providing unique content and relevent backlinks will help you increase rank.


  • Yes, google works much better... Any tips how to achieve high google ranks?

  • bing has just revamped to the new interface so there crawling is quite slow, but its much better than live search. I am sure they must be working in this!

    To rank high in any seach engine you need a good, strong, content driven website with some strong theme based back links!

  • I Still have this indexing issue with my website too. Not a single pages from my site ( is indexed in bing. I wonder why !!!!!!!!

  • Even in my site:


  • I'm sorry but IS THIS IT? The people working for Microsoft can suggest nothing but "upload a sitemap"?

    MSN has been crawling my site like mad. But only the same and same and same posts over and over.

    Nothing I did made MSN crawl my new posts.


  • Hi, has a few pages indexed:


    I stand by what I said earlier. Our current indexing criteria includes site rank. That may change in the future, but as of now, there is nothing I can do other than provide you with our indexing and ranking criteria which is posted in our FAQs


  • same here, my site was searched first by bing / cached first by bing and went no where. it was then searched by google and yahoo and is basically between 1-6 ranking on the specific searchs that the busines does. Bing? nowhere to be found. I have seen the other threads that it seems bings policy to say nothing. strange as the results on the search strings that are picking up my site on yahoo and google, when used on bing you get non relevant crap. would think this would be an issue for bing...........maybe not.

  • I am suffering the same problem like you with my site About Bangladesh

  • How to submit sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools for my sites : and ?

  • My site was so, I also studied this problem

  • My site  seemed not indexed as well..