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The Everything You Want To Know about Bing Guide for Webmasters


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The Everything You Want To Know about Bing Guide for Webmasters

  • Due to some server issues, we have removed access to the doc. Expect to see the updated link by Monday.  




  • LOL!! Server issues at MS?


  • In truth, there were some configuration issues that prevented us from attaching this fairly large 1.6mb file directly to the forums. However it is now available. Please visit: our Bing White Paper blog post for more info. Thanks for your patience.

  • I thought this was in the tools panel? If not specify a regional meta tag like such

    use it will find your location for the url you specify.

  • I downloaded "Bing New Features" way back in June, and I still explore it whenever I have free time.

  • m downloading it, let me see once what exactly this document has to offer, btw did anyone find any documents regarding how to rank well in Bing? I am not ranking in top 10 for my company name even :(

  • Thanks for sharing this document. It was quite and interesting read. I'm glad I took the time to sit down and read about some of the new features.

  • It's always good to get to better understand the search engine that is creating so much wave on the search engine planet.

  • Good information provided. It really helpful.

  • thanks brett..

  • what‘s up?

  • thanks for a nie thread ..very usefull ..

  • Nice information.. Thanks for sharing with us...

  • Thanks for sharing good information

  • At one time my site had over 3000 pages indexed by Bing but now only the home page is. I've got about 5000 listed in yahoo and over 150000 pages in googles index. I've read all guidelines and no luck.

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