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Key word searching


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Key word searching

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 i am doing  a SEO from last  2 days  for my own site

 but  i get confused to choose the better keywords for my site.

from where i can take  key words?


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  • first of all search for high ranking keyword related to your content of your site, many site are available for it. You can try type the keyword you want to use it will give you all high rank keyword related to that word. Use them in you site to get better earning and traffic.

  • Get the keword search that will help you to get unlimited website traffic from they are best at the given price. Test & Tried.

  • You can use this tool to choose better keyword




  • this is best tools in market , it is free , you can use google tool also. But all depend on your marketing plan.

  • You can use those tools their are very use full but the best think you can do is get back links (a lots of them).

  • Both Wordtracker and Google Adword tool are very useful, but I would concentrate on the way that visitors search for your keywords.

    It's a fact that very many of the hits you receive will be from SEO's and rival website owners checking out the competition, but they tend to search using the simple string keyphrases that everyone holds dear. The actual buying public tend to be much more disciplined in their searching habits and they will use complicated strings of words to narrow down their search results (i.e. Cheapest Boiler engineer in Manhattan + works on Sundays) and your task is to build your keyword strategy around those kinds of visitors because they are the paying public.

    Wishing you every success

    Spencer ( I'm Building Big Muscles Today )

  • There are many tools on the web for keywords research. But the important tools (i am using ) are listed below:

    Google adwords----

    seobook keywords suggestion

    All these tools are very much effective.




  • My favorite tool is






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  • You have to think like Internet users who are searching for the products you sell. What are the likely keywords they use to find the businesses that sell the type of products you provide? Which keywords are your competitors whose sites appear on the first page of SERPs use?

    You have to take keywords from your pages' content.

  • Hi Dear

    You can use google search based keyword tool. follow the link

  • nice answers

  • The Google keyword tool is good; you may also search for keywords you come up with and just see what the top sites are using (how they title their pages).

    Good luck!

  • nice info thanks

  • The keywords you choose to optimize your site should reflect your site’s subject matter. Kalpana’s suggestion will work best.

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  • You can chose a good keyword finder from”” (I am not an advertiser)

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