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How do I start a good online shopping website


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How do I start a good online shopping website

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I am trying to setup an online shopping cart but not sure how to do it with minimum time and coding since I am not a coder.

Any suggestions please?


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  • There are several ways to start creating your own website.

    1) You should first have a registered domain for your website. If you dont have one, you can register it from your web hosting company or domain registrar.

    2) Purchase a web space that will host your website contents from a web hosting company. There are several web hosting companies that offer domain registration and web hosting solutions as per your preferred location and budget.

    3) See if your web hosting company offers any easy to use tools that will help you creating your website with the help of pre-defined templates. There are several websites such as,, etc that offer a tool called "Site Builder" that will help you design your web pages with the help of their predefined templates and wizards.

    4) If you wish to create your custom design, you can create .html or .php or .asp pages with the help of good web site editing application such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Once you are done with creating your web pages, you will need to upload them to your web space.
    Note: Using web site editing application such as Adobe Dreamweaver will need you to have basic knowledge of html coding.

    Since you mentioned you wish to create a website that will be selling items, you can use ready to use CMS and Shopping cart systems that are available in market such as Joomla -, Oscommerce -
    There are several other paid applications such as Magento - that will help you building and configuring your store.

    Above mentioned applications are supported by almost all web hosting companies that support php and mysql database platform. Using above applications will help you to get your store ready in just a few minutes without you needing to do any kind of extensive coding.

    Hope the above information helps you..


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  • You can also create an easy online shopping website for discount coupon codes like this - coupon vala

  • I was wondering There is no response from person who shouted this question in 2009 ? is your website ready or still looking ? It is very easy using Opensource tools like joomla , drupal , wordpress etc.. 


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  • hi you can start with this site

  • You can start a quick online shopping site:

  • you can Start  Magento Website Development  is a open source software you can build your website Easly,thank you

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