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For link building

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i am just saying that.......... suppose i have 8 key word  targetting my home page ,they all are relevant to my web site theme and services.

how can i choose my best key word for link building.


Jai dev

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  • I thought as much

    I seoing keywords: thiết kế web giá rẻ || web giá rẻ

  • I posted this on somone elses question, since it applies to you ill repost it.

    Backlinks are rather a good start. It is a form of free advertisement that people pay for, or rarely utilize then give up with frustration.

    It is emparative that you use backlinks with keywords that fit your niche


    I run a few firearm websites. I want to add my site to a firearm blog, i do so my likes should look like this

    "I make a coment blah blah blah relative to the article and my experiance"
    Maine Gun Shops posted on Date:

    another good example is

    "samething blah blah"

    Women Shooting Gear & Reviews posted on date

    this must be done in good page ranking sites. Such as above PR1. PR4+ are better the less of them the more cloute you have opposed to 4 PR1 sites

    Also posting in EDU and GOV domains will boost your site up tramendiously. But they have to be good EDU and GOV domains.

    It can be a challange finding all the blogs and Link directories you can actualy post proper links in. But bookmark em all for a few days (in a seperate organised folder) and post in them on another day.

    do not use the black hat versions of SEO services (ie free versions) do it your self, find PR websites and have at it. Using Blackhat SEO will damage you far worse than anythign you can do on your own as far as Page ranking is concerned

  •  i have 4 key word  targetting my home page.


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  • A page SEO keywords is very difficult, it is best to divide the list of obvious keywords for SEO

  • well, it seem so hard for this