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Site not indexed - Incorrectly indexed


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Site not indexed - Incorrectly indexed

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I have a site, this site has 15 pages of which according to bing only one has been crawled, I see in my log MSNbot coming to crawl but the index doesn't change.

Another issue that I saw is that if I do I see that indexed page but if I look for "creaciones tarjelandia", "creacionestarjelandia" or everything else, it doesn't shows.

For the last, is it possible to tell the crawler if my page is localized to some country?


Thank you,

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  • You have no meta-tags

    SEO your site - try this

  • I know, I made it that way.

    I had no plans of using "keywords", does Bing pay attention to the "keywords" meta tag? Anyway, I don't think that could be the reason while my site isn't indexed, or is it? (if so yours is a great tip, but honestly I believe a crawling mistake).


    Thank you!

  • All search engines need keywords.  

    However keywords are only a part of what Im talking about. There is no information within your site.  no site description, no geographic target - nothing.  You have not followed any of the basic rules of search engine optimization.  Im not sure why you have deliberately built your site this wasy, as its imperative.

    You need to work through the link I have posted to fix your site.  Until you do this, no search engine will value anything you have uploaded because youre not providing any information about it.

    Unfortunately, failure correct this will probably result in your index page also being de-indexed.


  • Hello my friend and thank you for taking the time to watch this.

    I should tell that in Google not only is this site ranked but it appears in the first two pages for some keywords. In Yahoo there's a similar situation. But, under Bing is does not even get indexed, I mean, the issue is restricted to Bing.

    Anyway, I'll add the keywords and description tags, but, is this the key to get indexed on Bing?


  • Im not sure you know the difference between ranking and search engine results (SERPs).

    Your site is definitely not ranked in Google - your page rank is zero.  You may be appearing under phrases like "creaciones tarjelandia" in the search engine results - which is pure luck.  Because if another site follows the proper procedures and has these as real key words, with a page rank - they will display before you.

    I think you think that a fault within Bing is the cause for you not showing up.  Its possible - but highly unlikely.  From what I can see, you just need to design your site better and get more people linking to you.  Currently you only have 3 backlinks from 2 different domains of other types. 1

    1 2

  • With no intentions to enter in a discussion, you are correct, is not "ranked" which is ok because it has a short history online, with, as you say, a small amount of links.

    The issue is with "indexing" (as my post says). So, what I need is to be indexed. From what we've discussing here it just seems an issue with the way Bing works.


    Anyway thank you. I'll keep watching how Bing evolves with this site and maybe on this forum I'd find a solution being that I'm not the only one with this issue...

  • hi

    1- yes you have been indexed on bing, but for one page only - your homepage.  Probably because, as said, Bing thinks there is little value with your website because you have no page ranking, few backlinks, no keywords etc.  This is why I recommended you work through the guide above

    2 - "creaciones tarjelandia", "creacionestarjelandia" are not set as keywords in your source code

    3 - if you look in bings webmaster tools it tells you what region your website has been assigned to.  You have no meta-tags in your website to tell Bing what your preference for this is.

    best wishes

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