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I hate Bing!!!


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I hate Bing!!!

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Frankly, i find this new service a real pain in the butt when I am trying to read an article on and every time I just happen to jog the cursor, I get a stupid window opening in the middle of the content. I am considering changing my Home Page to something else just because it is such a pain. Why can't you people leave well enough alone? Your advertisements are annoying, and not true. In fact, Bing causes me more problems than it is worth. GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!

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  • The situation will become better, I trust bing.


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  • What are you talking about?

    1. -home page portal

    2. -news (left wing)

    3. -Search Engine

  • I don't use this service anymore




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  • i dont really like it too.


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  • This is the biggest load of horse crap. All I see is legitimate complaining and someone who works for Bing but won't admit it saying how great Bing really is...

    Bing ****. Period. End of story.

    I cannot click on any link without some crap from this crappy web service trying to link me to their site. Believe me, whenever I see an interesting article, the first thing I do is go to google where I don't have to click your stupid links to get the answer. Google gives it to me quickly, precisely and easily.

    Bing made the internet worse...and excelled at it.

  • I totally agree.  I doesn't matter how good Bing is.  They've totally lost me and I've removed Firefox from my system.  It's my computer and I get to choose what I see when I open a new tab, not some insidious piece of software (or the smart asses who are marketing it).  You take away a user's autonomy over their own web experience and you will pay the price.  I have wasted way to much time trying to change Firefox so that Bing doesn't open every time I open a new tab that I'm officially fed up.  The Tab settings in Preferences have no tools for this.  I've tried about:config--makes no difference.  Firefox was a good browser, but they're not the only fish in the pond.  

  • I Hate u :D

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  • I feel satisfied with the services of Bing

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  • Try Google Chrome. I don't work there or anything, but one thing is for sure... it's better. Faster, easier, everything. Go Google Chrome

  • I get a stupid window opening in the middle of the content:
  • Bing sort rating is not exactly and updated slow


  • Obviously the Bing page load speed problems. Naturally on Bing ranking algorithm is not very accurate, very slow update. Bing will need to change more if they want to become the No. 1 search engine world

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