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My website is not showing in SERP


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My website is not showing in SERP

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Hi, I had submitted my website in the bing webmaster tool and its sitemap also, my site got crawled by the Bing, as webmaster tool says. But it is not showing  that website in its SERP when I type its name, say "". It only shows it when I type "". Need help.

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  • Some times search engine shows this type of errors (Not exactly the error). You need to wait some days for coming on SERP.

  • I agree with Manoranjan, this is probably just a preliminary listing and the next parse will pick you up with more clarity.

    All the best

    Spencer ( I'm doing my christmas shopping soon ! )

  • Thanks, Mr. Manoranjan and Mr. Spencer for your views, and best of luck for you Christmas shopping Mr. Spenser, but it's been 4 months I had submitted my site in Bing webmaster tool :( . It is a subdomain is that the reason for it ?? Waiting for reply, thanks in advance.

  • There is a problem with your website.  Theres nothing on the URL above.  This is probably why nothing has been indexed as theres nothing to crawl

  • Hi thankyou for your thought LAM09, but my site is fine, it is submitted in Google, Yahoo and Bing webmasters and it is showing in Google, Yahoo, Ask, Altavista and other serch engine result pages very well in top first page, then why not in Biing?? Even though the site is properly crawled by bing with no crawling errors in it, as per Bing webmaster tool. So please need further advice.

  • Theres nothing on google for that URL either

    The link on bing is this - which is dead

  • That is what i was giving a example. website you can check is at both at Google, Yahoo and Bing also know, hope that will help you and me also. thankyou for your fast reply.

  • Ahh - an odd example.  I presumed this was the site you wanted to check!  Normally people say something like - so people know its not a real URL.

    Anyway, the problem from what I can see is Bing doesnt know what region you are targeting due to a lack of meta-tags.  Bing is more specific in its requirements of meta-tags than other engines. You need to specify more in your page header.

    Their guide says this......

    What do I need to do for SEO with Bing? 

     Webmasters can help their websites get more visitor traffic by helping Bing best represent their content to searchers in our SERPs. Webmasters can easily do this by adding unique titles and meta descriptions to each page. If webmasters don’t provide search engines with good, keyword-oriented, well-written caption source data, the resulting captions created by algorithm, no matter how hard we try, won’t represent your website as well as those websites whose webmasters did provide this unique and important data. 

  • Thank you very much, I will have a look at it. Thank's once again :)

    Windamre hotel, Darjeeling


  • Check your robots.txt file

  • maybe because you don't have any backlinks point to your site.

  • Your site couldn't load on the browser when I tried to view it. You will not get anywhere near Bing SERPs with only six backlinks pointing to the entire sub-domain. Your poor ranking has nothing to do with the fact that it's a sub-domain. It literally means that you haven't done your work as a webmaster who wants to rank well. Even in Google and Yahoo you wont get that far, unless you do your work.

  • My site isn't showing on Bing at all! i've submitted and have made the site very SEO friendly so why doesn't bing like me???


    Google and Yahoo both pick me up fine, although i am waiting for those to crawl my site.

  • dgrandich

    My site isn't showing on Bing at all! i've submitted and have made the site very SEO friendly so why doesn't bing like me???  

    Google and Yahoo both pick me up fine, although i am waiting for those to crawl my site.

    (1)  I have a problem fetching your 404s - Bing hates that - causes a problem with its crawler

    (2) Have you joined bing webmaster tools?  Have you submitted a sitemap to bing?  I can see a google sitemap here, but not a generic one....?

    (3) Backlinks? you dont have many and some of the sites you do have them are set to "no follow"

    But i think overal its a crawler error....l 

  • I don't see any links pointed to your website:

    Without links a website cannot be discovered by search engines.