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Sites not in the index


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Sites not in the index

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if your site is not in the index, please do the following:

1. verify in our tools that your site is not blocked

2. run a site: query to verify there are no pages in the index

3. Copy the URL of the site query and post on this thread.


I will work with you to at least get your home page indexed. Deeper indexing will require good content and backlinks as described in the FAQ.



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  • My website - was added to Bing more than 3 months ego, but i have only 1 page indexed.



  • Re submit the site map to the webmaseter center. Add a second standard (html) site map. Make sure you have quality links to you pages.

  • I have no idea on how to post a message on Bing, but it appears that it is just another attempt by Microsoft to promote itself as a search and purchase facility.  I got a message that if I purchased an item from CompUSA that I would get a credit from Bing.  I went ahead and made the purchase, then signed up on Bing.  It appears to have been a waste of time.  I filled out all the personal information  Bing required, but every time I try to log in I am asked to repeat the same information.  All I can say is that "Microsoft, you have fooled me once, my mistake>"  Hopefully you will not fool me twice.

  • Why should i submit HTML sitemap?
    Is something wrong with Bing's XML Sitemaps parser?

    "quality links"
    I have more then 40 links in Yahoo, but in Bing only 8.

  • I'm in the same boat -- and often manage the entry #1 spot or page #1 spot on both google and yahoo! Google has over 900 entries for my site: bing four, two of which are of use to neither man nor beast.

    So, no: please don't give me that answer for everything: "get good backlinks".


  • Well I won't tell you to get good backlinks. But I will point out that you only have two links in Google and you won't get any ranking with two links. Is that better?

  • First of all Bing doesnot use the same algorithm as yahoo or google use to index the pages therefore it is necessary to submit a site map to bing. i to got only one page indexed hope bing notes all of our pages.

  • I have had some pages not indexed in Bing that I have had to link to for Bing to index. I also have also had the same problem with Google, only with different pages. Again I link to those pages.

  • It is not a .com right. So bing might take some time until your site is good enough for bing.

  • The same situation is here: Any help should be apreciated!

  • Same problem here:

    Even as a new website, we managed to get first page or first 5 ranking for most keywords in the travel category by just doing good 'ol SEO.

    So why won't Bing even do the initial craw ? This is all I get: Last crawled: N/A

    Yeah, it's not a .com, it's not in the US, it's not this and it is that.
    Great way for Microsoft to get it's popularity back.


  • My site is same as u. Every status of webmastertool saying N/A.I  think we just need to wait till bing fixed or crawler got speed as google.:/

  • But why ?

    If you take the time to start a new search engine, and spend tons of advertise dollars to create the notion you just found out 42 is not the right answer and you can help look for it; if you do that, can't you at least provide proper answers as to why how many people are stuck in such a rut ?
    Forget me, run a search for "why am I not on Bing" and see the volume, and most have solid claims.

    I think this is the exact reason why so many of us opted for google, and why we are trying other services besids google now since they are looking more and more like M$.
    Bing gets a chance to clear M$ bad rep, and they still do a terrible job.

    Look, I'm not asking for all my pages indexed and in first place.
    I'm asking for the answer for WHY I'm stuck like that, and what are the steps I should take.
    Prefrebly to get the answer from someone at Bing, and not a HotShot SEO guy with all the right answer untill some engine decids to tweak their algorythm without telling anyone

    Since my site is young, so no one can expect hundreds of quality crawled backlinks.
    I did test it for 100% XHTML compliance, and I'm ranking awfuly high on google within the same timeframe.

    So, any Bing guy around want to provide the actual service this forum was generated for ?


  • How are you supposed to get decent NATURAL backlinks if the search engine wont even index your site?

    Google always gives a new site an initial boost to see how it is received.  Bing doesn't do this. And it is very poor at indexing.

  • I must agree with many comments about Bing indexing. I have over 45k pages indexed on Google and only 400 indexed on Bing. I am perplexed why Bing does not index when I have submitted a sitemap file.