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Sites not in the index


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Sites not in the index

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if your site is not in the index, please do the following:

1. verify in our tools that your site is not blocked

2. run a site: query to verify there are no pages in the index

3. Copy the URL of the site query and post on this thread.


I will work with you to at least get your home page indexed. Deeper indexing will require good content and backlinks as described in the FAQ.



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  • Hello,

    I am trying ping my sitemap every content added on the site.

    and the result : bing indexed more pages from 5 indexed pages.

    Is it right? if the sitemap to be submited for ping after update content?


  • There are multiple reasons why your site is not getting indexed. Most are covered in our FAQ.

    However, here is a short and sweet list:

    • site rank is too low to index all pages--this is the biggest factor in all of these complaints
    • architecture or coding errors
    • new site
    • spammy
    • not waiting long enough to give us a chance to do our work

    There is no doubt that we do have some issues to work through. I won't deny it. However, as I am now part of the indexing team and the webmaster team, I am directly involved with reporting these issues on one side and working with developers on the other to provide better tools for you to use.

    That said, our key indexing requirement is site rank. There are many factors involved with site ranking, but if you are ha ving trouble getting more than 5 - 10 pages indexed, it is almost a guarentee that your site rank is fairly low. The fastest way to increase this at a low level is by gathering a few high quality relevant backlinks and producing unique content.



  • Hi Brett,

    Welcome back and Thank you for confirming this as most people needs to know this.

    I have two question's. One is how old does the new site have to be even if they do everything else correctly. I have seen that new sites have been indexed by doing everything correct in the guidlines and link building.

    My second question is, some if not all of the websites were having trouble with the webmaster tool showing their stats as N/A even tho they were indexed before this happened. I was told by the support team that there was a little glitch and everything resolved. However, my friends Vending Machines website is still showing the N/A in the webmaster tool. Can you please report this issue?

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  • Well there are 2 pages indexed now:

    so hopefully the rest will eventually be indexed also.  Bing has an incredibly slow crawl rate compared to Google, Yahoo!, and most other search engines.  Hopefully their crawl rates will improve soon.  Your site seems well SEO'd etc so I can't see why all pages won't be on there eventually.



  • Hey, things are looking up... you now have 2 pages indexed :-)

  • May be you should ask Bing about this? You know a thing. I had a site which was indexed by Bing in two weeks but now I have a site which was redirected from, is not yet indexed by Bing. Its been a month since I submitted it to Bing. I felt will not get indexed but it did. not my .com website. OMG, Bing are you sleeping. Make your bots fast and accurate.

  • Bing's not indexed my site either, only the one page.

  • Hi,

    Same here, i have submitted our website i.e. a long time back but no news about indexing in BING.

    Its strange.



  • My Domain Silver & Gold Bullion Prices | Grosser Silber und Gold Bullion Münzen und Barren Preisvergleich was added 2 months ago. Right now only one page indexed.

    I hope that bing will crawl my Silver & Gold Bullion | Silber und Gold Bullion Preisvergleich soon

  • Hi,

    I hope it works. Here is the URL:

    Thank you


  • luki,

    I submitted your site. It should show up in a day or two. Right now I show we only have one backlink for your site. I strongly recommend starting a backlink campaign to obtain high-quality, relevant backlinks. I also suggest changing the <changfeq> dates in your sitemap to daily until you see us crawl more often.


  • hello, - do you have any ideas?

  • You are currently being blocked. Please review our indexing guidelines and resubmit your site for inclusion.


  • thank you for your answer - i sent it for inclusion - but i don't changed anything about 6 month (uncluded backlinks!), and got ban... hope will be ok! thank you again! :)

  • Thanks a lot,

    it did work within an hour. The site is indexed again.