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search by date...

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I'd like to use bing, but until search-by-date is available , I'm just getting links that I've already visited. We need the ability to search "last 24 hours", "last week", "last month", etc. or even better a date picker.

Please don't suggest that I include criteria like '2009' and 'December'. We would not model a database with varchar fields for dates, and we shouldn't expect users to settle for  this in searches.

I will continue to check on bing every couple months. When this is implemented I'll have a new home page.

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  • Hello everyone,


    I am pleased to inform you that the NARROW BY DATE feature on Bing is now available. We appreciate your feedbacks as these types of concerns help us providing you with the better service.




    Chris C.

    Microsoft Global Escalations

  • I have been using google search for years now and thought I would finally try out Bing to see how I liked it.  After about 2 minutes of searching, I found out how dependent I am on using the sort by time function.  After looking around the web a little bit, I have come across a few posts that explain how to do it.  It takes a few extra clicks, but if you really prefer to use Bing, then the extra step will be well worth it.

    1) Go to Bing

    2) Enter in any search terms and hit enter

    3) Look up at the url and notice that at the very end of the url, that you will see &sk=

    4) Paste the follwing   &tbs=qdr:d  at the end of the url and hit enter.

    5) Now you will have the same search results, but right underneath the search box you will see the number of results and the word Anytime with a down arrow.

    6) Click the arrow and it will allow you to filter the results by:

    •  Past 24 hours
    •  Past Week
    •  Past Month

    Here is a search with Bing used as the query

    I am also going to post the above in reply to the 1st post in this thread so it will be easier for others to find an answer, instead of looking through 8 pages to find something.  Hope the mods don't care that I am double posting.

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  • As a fulltime freelance writer, I depend on gathering the latest research.  How can I set Bing to limit search results to the past month, past year, or between certain years???  This is a must for me.


  • How can I search by date? On Google it's under the advanced search preferences but Bing doesn't seem to have this option. For example, On Google you can go into the advanced preferences and filter it to show search results from that past week, past month, past year, etc.

    I sometimes search for particular information about subjects and want up to date information, I'll usually filter it to show results from that past week otherwise I'll end up pulling up articles/information that are outdated and no longer relevant.

    This is really the only thing keeping me from making Bing my default search engine. Is there any plans to implement it?


  • Hello,
    seems to me it's impossible,
    it's neither possible with the "Advanced" search nor with a Search Keyword

    I don't know if the bing team read all suggestion in this subforum,
    I would post it in Webmaster -> Feedback section too.

    (even though I am still not sure if this is the correct subforum)


  • Thanks birdshake for the feedback! I will share it with the team.


  • If I'm searching for information on the latest hardware or software, or prices for computer parts or whatever, I don't need information that is weeks, month or even years out of date. Giving me the option to search within a specific date range, or by a specific date even, would improve result filtering dramatically!

  • Why not visit computer hardware review sites?

  • You're not listening. Supposed I do a search for information on the Napoleonic Wars. What I'm looking for is information from that period, not information from the present. There doesn't appear to be any way to filter things down to a specific date or range of dates.

    Have a look at the same search in Google, use the date options, and you can filter things down pretty well.

    Hardware review sites are great (sometimes) but they have their limitations. If I want a review on a specific piece of hardware, (for example, the best sound card) I'm going to get everything going back to the beginning of computing. Not what I want. In this case, I am interested in current material. Sifting through multiple review sites trying to isolate the most current reviews can be very tiresome.

    Adding a date range shouldn't be a big deal.


  • Hi,

    This was brought up before and, as I like the idea, I submitted the idea to my management. Hopefully, it will become part of our feature set in the future. Thanks for the input. More people saying the same thing gives the idea a better chance to get implemented.



  • ditto on the date range option. I used that all the time on Google. If Bing had it I'd be more likely to switch over. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • Google offers searches by date range in their advanced search options.  Am I missing how to do this on Bing, or is it not implemented yet on Bing?

    If it is not implemented, will it be?

    And....since we are all huddled together around my post there any way to get the approximate number of searches done on a search term on Bing within a date range?  Google implements this partially in their Google Trends stuff.  It's a neat tool to find out what people are interested in and would be a cool thing for Bing to implement (if it hasn't done so already).

  • I found the Bing xRanks trend data.  It is actually better than Google because Google is lagging behind 2-3 days on their results.  I can't imagine why - except that they want to use this data themselves before allowing the public to view it.

    (FYI - found the edit link to the more multiple posts....)

  • Bing clearly already has this sort of functionality set up (when you click advanced next to the results) so it wouldnt take too much work for them to add a date criteria and I for one second this.

  • Thank you for the response.  Are there any updates on this?  It's been three months, and I'm curious if we'll be seeing this feature anytime soon.

    I've cut myself off from Google search entirely for a few weeks in order to give Bing an honest try, but I'm finding it pretty difficult to find certain articles without a date filter.  I used this feature frequently with Google, and it's a little frustrating to not have any sort of alternative here.

    A flexible one would be ideal, of course, allowing us to specify specific dates as our start and end points.  But more than that, quick-click filters for past-week/past-month/etc. searches is essential to getting good results in many cases.

    I'm a little surprised Bing rolled out the door without this feature to begin with, but I'm hoping to see good things in the future.

  • Absolutely search by date is the one thing I use almost in every search.

  • please implement the "date" feature soon.