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search by date...

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I'd like to use bing, but until search-by-date is available , I'm just getting links that I've already visited. We need the ability to search "last 24 hours", "last week", "last month", etc. or even better a date picker.

Please don't suggest that I include criteria like '2009' and 'December'. We would not model a database with varchar fields for dates, and we shouldn't expect users to settle for  this in searches.

I will continue to check on bing every couple months. When this is implemented I'll have a new home page.

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  • +1 for me!

    I think the problem is that it's very difficult to pick one date to use for the filter.  There are many date fields, depending on the type of Website.  I have noticed that Google is not the most accurate with it and assume this is the reason.  But I generally give them slack because the feature is such a tremendous help.

    For example, I am often search for recent forum posts for information driver problems.  I want to eliminate anything before the driver's date because it will be irrelevant.  But when Google filters by the Website's last update it often gives me old hits because the moderators made some minor change to the Web page.

    Also, what about, say, movie dates?  You certainly wouldn't want the date of the last Web page update in this case.

    On the other hand, Google's search algorithms are extremely complex so filtering the date fields differently for various site-types should be simple in comparison, right?

    Anyway, you'll have my loyalty, Bing, if you can pull this off.

  • A prime example where the date filter has been handy recently:  Searching for information that only pertains to Windows 7.  With past versions you could simply put XP or Vista, but now you inevitably get hits for Windows and 7 on the front page whether it's in quotes or not.  So filtering for the last year gets rid of most of the junk you don't need.  Only when I'm really frustrated do I start typing out a long line like "-XP -Vista -Mac -iphone -ios -Android -chrome -linux -ubuntu,"  *she says, while trying to catch her breath.*

  • I have also the same question as Spencer. Thanks Spencer for raising up this question.

  • This is the only feature that stops me from switching from Google to Bing... Because now its impossible to see all latest news for a keyword...

  • I am looking forward for this feature. Is there any other feature to use for this purpose.(like sort)

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  • Hello everyone,


    I am pleased to inform you that the NARROW BY DATE feature on Bing is now available. We appreciate your feedbacks as these types of concerns help us providing you with the better service.




    Chris C.

    Microsoft Global Escalations

  • Is there a way to sort the search list by date?

  • I still can't see a way to search by date.
    When I click on "Advanced Search" in Bing, all I see are"Site/Domain"  and "Country/Region" and "Language"

    Where is it on the page? Can some one post a link in bing that allows me to search by date.


  • I see it on my iPad... but not on Opera or Chrome or any desktop browser...

    No wonder MS has lost $9B on Bing to date....  I definitely will ditch Google for good, but I need some serious search filters.

  • Hope that this feature would be available in the future.

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  • Yes ,I am looking forward for this feature.


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  • If Bing had it I'd be more likely to switch over. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • Microsoft's stubborn refusal to provide this simple search functionality for Bing users is genuinely obnoxious.

    It is as if its users don't exist. The contempt is staggering.

    MS is becoming far too much like a rotten Apple.

  • I started this thread about two years ago.  Once, briefly it looked like the search-by-date option appeared on the left side of the screen. A few days later it was gone. Some one once said that it was available in certain browsers, but not others.  I've tested in firefox and IE, but haven't found it.

    A couple points to note:

    1. A few of the posts on this thread have muddied the water. To clarify I'm not looking for "search by date" for historical events. For example, when I search for "fishing", I don't want to constrain my search to fishing between "1812 - 1815".  That's an interesting idea, but what I'm really looking for is results modified within  "last 24 hours", "last week", "last month", etc.

    An example might be articles on "nokia lumina 800" modified in the last 24 hours. I don't want older alrticles. I've already read them.

    2. I don't want to sort by date. I want to sort by relevance. I want to "FILTER" by date.

    3. A feature might seem easy to implement but perhaps some fundamental design decision conflicts with the ability to "search by date".

    Its been two years, so at this point I'm kind of giving up on bing. Nice landing page. I don't really care for the google monopoly, but  since "search by date" is my default mode of search, I have no use for bing.

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