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search by date...

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I'd like to use bing, but until search-by-date is available , I'm just getting links that I've already visited. We need the ability to search "last 24 hours", "last week", "last month", etc. or even better a date picker.

Please don't suggest that I include criteria like '2009' and 'December'. We would not model a database with varchar fields for dates, and we shouldn't expect users to settle for  this in searches.

I will continue to check on bing every couple months. When this is implemented I'll have a new home page.

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  • Agree that it  should be marked as unanswered.

    An explanation from MS is long overdue. Do they believe that they have implemented this? Are they limiting it to IE only I wonder (and are they allowed to do that?)?

  • Thank you! I like Bing, but I can't find relevant information when searching without these options to sort or filter by date.

    I have several times tried looking for them, because I was convinced that this was some basic functions that just had to be in a SEARCH engine. I felt sad for myself not finding these tools, fortunately I found this discussion and found out that I'm not the only one looking for it and couldn't find it :)

    Please make this happen, I do want to use Bing. On my Windows PC, my Windows Phone and soon to be, my Windows tablet...

  • @Reg091

    No. It doesn't work in IE either. I have tried it many times in IE.

    It seems to be standard practice for Microsoft to mark forum questions as answered when it is clear no answer whatsoever has been provided.

    You would think Microsoft would realise this tactic of stonewalling is incredibly bad for their reputation.  

  • Looks like this feature was recently turned off, after they "streamlined" bing search. Now it looks like google but is less functional. Ah well, back to google.

  • No, it is still there randomly! 99% of the time it is nowhere to be seen but it has just made an appearance today! Completely repeatable for me with this search: search on Max Morgan Sports and the filter is there. Search on Max Morgan and it isn't!

    Come on Microsoft, this is the official Bing forum - TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON!

  • *bump*

    I want to use Bing, but cannot without date filtering.  Even after the latest update this feature is still missing and so I continue to use Google.

  • I have the same problem when i want to search in Bing. Search by date is very good idea.


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  • Hi, everyone. I here that you want the filter by date option. Then you will be disappointed and pleased hopefully with what I am going to say.

    Bing did a video sometime ago, saying that they took this function off, as hardly anyone used the feature. The new implementation will be below the search bar and before the results, as drop down menus. They are keeping it on what people used it on the most. They are also looking at the usage of it and will put it back if need be. There is a video on the explanation of this, and I will post it later.

  • As I said before they have taken it away on most is a video to explain why.

  • Thanks, Henry. However, this sure seems, well, infantile (ok, maybe just plain silly) - as is my following reply! Kinda like Ford deciding to remove the menu selection on the dashboard utility for "check oil" because not enough people actually use it, in Ford's humble opinion. What, this "sort-by-date feature" requires precious IT monitoring and additional server farms to accommodate? BTW, I didn't have 21 minutes and 36 seconds to sift through the video, so Bing might as well take that down, since I suspect not enough people watch it. Computers, servers, and the Internet can make life easier - but only if the programmers so choose.

  • It is certainly interesting, but in the video they do say that they are still working hard at refining the search results and including filters. When they realised the US version there were no filters. So it's almost a still work in progress.

    What I would like is if the Bing team would respond a bit more to questions. Instead of people like me who Keep up to tech almost 24/7.

  • Ok I figured out that the filter feature does still work but it is dependent on the total number of results returned in your search.  If you do a bing search for the word "test" you will be returned about 1,910,000,000 results and will see the date filter right next to the total number of results returned.  If you search for "res" you get back about 498,000,000 results and have not filter.  So it seems that the showing of the filter is dependent on the number of results returned.  This has frustrated me for a while now.  I would love it if the filter would always be there.

  • I am so mad.  I do not use Bing becuase it lacks a date range.  I buy a Nokia 900 and decide to look at Bing again, and see that the feature was removed since few people used it.  Don't they understand they will never win people like me back unless they put it there, and get it right.  50% of my searches are for "the past year."

  • They really need to fix this.  Now that Google have screwed their search results up so much that they are practically unusable I could really do with being able to use Bing.  I have always kept away in the past because I couldn't find a date range.  Now I have no choice but to use it because Google is a mess.  Does anyone have any idea of ways in which I can phrase a question in order that I would only receive results within a certain date range?

  • I have been using google search for years now and thought I would finally try out Bing to see how I liked it.  After about 2 minutes of searching, I found out how dependent I am on using the sort by time function.  After looking around the web a little bit, I have come across a few posts that explain how to do it.  It takes a few extra clicks, but if you really prefer to use Bing, then the extra step will be well worth it.

    1) Go to Bing

    2) Enter in any search terms and hit enter

    3) Look up at the url and notice that at the very end of the url, that you will see &sk=

    4) Paste the follwing   &tbs=qdr:d  at the end of the url and hit enter.

    5) Now you will have the same search results, but right underneath the search box you will see the number of results and the word Anytime with a down arrow.

    6) Click the arrow and it will allow you to filter the results by:

    •  Past 24 hours
    •  Past Week
    •  Past Month

    Here is a search with Bing used as the query

    I am also going to post the above in reply to the 1st post in this thread so it will be easier for others to find an answer, instead of looking through 8 pages to find something.  Hope the mods don't care that I am double posting.