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search by date...

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I'd like to use bing, but until search-by-date is available , I'm just getting links that I've already visited. We need the ability to search "last 24 hours", "last week", "last month", etc. or even better a date picker.

Please don't suggest that I include criteria like '2009' and 'December'. We would not model a database with varchar fields for dates, and we shouldn't expect users to settle for  this in searches.

I will continue to check on bing every couple months. When this is implemented I'll have a new home page.

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  • Hello everybody, this hack is not working for me...But I think that I saw somewhere date filter. It really looks like hallucination for me :)

    Bing team! Date filters are absolutely a must. Without it all your effort is useless. This is like driving a car with only reverse gear available...I can't believe that this what users are asking since 2009.


  • I absolutely agree, since this is my first day trying to switch to Bing and I am finding the ONLY search feature that matters to me the most is not available with Bing.

    I cannot make the switch until this is available.

    I am mystified that such a large and competent and well-funded company cannot do this.................

  • This works. I wish it were a proper fix, though. I hate having to manually type it into the url

  • Oasis789,

    I'm assuming that you attempted to post a URL with CGI parameters that would filter the date range. Unfortunately, the format of your post was rejected; most likely a security violation. Please try again using a different format. Perhaps you can simply show the query string in quotes and explain that it needs to be added to your search URL.

    As for the Date Filter feature itself,

    Bing will never be a world-class search engine without the ability to filter by date all the way down to "last 24 hours". The strangest thing about this aspect of Bing is that it has popped in and out over the years. There was a time when you might see the date option sporadically throughout any given day. For a while, I posited that it might depend on the nature of the search. However, it turned out to be far more random.


    For nearly a week in early November this year, there was a new date filter the offered month, 6 months, year, and "older". Sadly, this disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.


    I default me search engine to Bing for the reward points, but I usually end up at Google for anything important. Technological advances are so frequent that when searching for answers to technical questions, it's necessary to be able to view findings that match the time context of the technology in question.

  • I can't believe that people have been asking for more than 3 years to have a date filter and Microsoft/Bing still has not implemented it. Worse, they don't even respond to the request. In dozens of forums and blogs I see this request over and over again and not once have I seen a response from the MS/Bing team Not sure if it's arrogance, or stupidity, or most definitely is frustrating for users that want/need this capability. So, I'm done with Bing...I'm sticking with Google from now on.

  • Thanks for the tip and it works fine. If only this option, sort by date, was available as a clickable button ...

  • My home page is Google, just for that reason.  Microsoft needs to listen and play catch up.  All these posts and no responsible replies from MS.  Bye!

  • Building on shanevo's answer, there is an easy way to make the search by date option appear every time.

    Firefox (and maybe the others) have a kind of bookmark that activates whenever you type a keyword in the address bar. I have it set up so that I only have to type b  in the address bar followed by my search. So, b no date filter will automatically go to bing and search for no date filter. Additionally, it puts tbs=qdr in the final url so the date option is always available.

    To do this in firefox, create a new bookmark (ctrl+b to open bookmark viewer, right click -> new bookmark). Set 'Location' as and set 'Keyword' as b or anything else you'd like. Now you can search Bing as described above. If you automatically want to restrict to a particular date range, instead use the following for bookmark 'Location'.  -  any time  -  past day  -  past week  -  past month

    Hope this helps. It's really a pain to only sometimes get the date option, and thanks to shanevo for their answer.


  • Still using Google exclusively only because I can't narrow results by date on Bing. It's an essential feature. Frustrating!