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How i can in top postion in bing


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How i can in top postion in bing

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What criteria bing take to show its search results means i want to be in top postion in bing search engine what steps i keep in mind to be top in bing search engine and my keyword is appartamenti buenos aires  i need results on the above keyword in Bing please give me proper suggestion so that i can apply on this and every suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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  • keywords and title aswell as incoming backlinks,if you have high PR from google

  • As far as bing concerned the quality of the content is more important then the backlinks. i have seen few of my sites are indexed sooner and shown in top list just because of the unique contents.


    So i suggest you to improve the content and see the results.



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  • Hello friendlyrentals,

    I think you need to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Make sure you use keywords that are related to your niche and website. Create backlinks by forum posting and blog commenting. In addition, write quality informative articles about apartment rentals. Do not just pack your articles with keywords, used them sporadically through the article while conveying a message that will feed useful information to the reader.

    Oh, and one last thing; when optimizing your site, do so for all search engines. Do not just concentrate on one. Give them all importance. If you gear your optimization toward requirements on on SE you may lose ground on another.

  • No point trying for bing, google users = 75% of all search traffic

  •  Well!!! You can include relevant keywords in the meta tags of the webpages. Pure and genuine content free of plagiarism is also highly desirable to attain better ranking on bing. Alongside, you can carry out directory and article submission as well.

  • You need to work on quality back links and update your site on weekly basis.

  • Just work with basics steps of SEO, there in nothing hard & fast for Bing but Bing is little slower as compare to other search engines.

  • You must also take into account the competition for your keyword, and real-estate is a traditional high-competition niche and it will most likely take a considerable amount of work to rank well in search engines for your keyword, even if it is quite focused.

  • Optimize your site with relevant keywords and improve the link popularity of the site as well.

  • Ya same i want to know it take lot of time for you site, pages to index on bing...any tips how to index fast

  • Hi Quality Directory, I have a question for you, as you mentioned that you optimized a site for Bing. Do we have to optimize sites according to all the search engines.

  • you need to post quality contents


  • getting backlinks from high quality sites

  • Thanks informative links :)

  • You will get a good bing optimization tip here