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  • Hi Archie Watt, Thanks for sharing the post with all. That will batter for all. 

  • i think people who are new find it reassuring to talk to people and interact, if every forum didn't have repeated text, there would hardly be any posts . .

  • I have just started out in the benefits management areana, find it very useful, but am still finding my feet on the practical application.

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  • Well Bing will soon take this into account,



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  • Great post. It's realy should be sticky

  • Archie Watt

    Brett Yount

    Great post. Didn't see it the first time around. Should be sticky now.

    Great Brett - Thanks

    THanks!! this is a round. we can success from there


  • Hi, do you realize that most of the post you're replying to are spam? Think about it - They all have some meaningless sentences in broken English with a list of links at the end. They are probably being posted by a bot for some blackhat SEO agency.

  • I've been thinking the same thing, have you noticed how many posts are saying things like "please explain seo to me" and the signature contains links to an seo company!

    there was also some on hosting that did managed and dedicated servers asking what "managed hosting is", which is a bit naff, also alot of the replies then stream in along a similar line but in a reply.

    kinda frustrating.....

  • quite right .... the options should be available on all the pages to avoid any confusions ....

  • Yes -

     I think that  the mases must for first to acomodate whit BING  - cose its different from others -

    AND the  FAQs  and Stikers  must be Put More Visible for  ALL -  to be sure that they will find and understand it ...


  • Hi I cannot see anything after silverlight installation.

  • That's great, I never thought about how much wine should you buy for a party like that before.

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  • Nice post.

  • yes nice post i agree with u

  • I think the first Pentecost BING Mase has a very special - his glucose is different from others -

     And in the FAQ and put a sticker must be visible to all - be sure you find camera and understand