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How do I get Bing to crawl my site?


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How do I get Bing to crawl my site?

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Here's the deal:


I have a unique site with over 80 million urls.  It is a database comparison site.  We have submitted nearly 250 protocol-compliant sitemaps to Bing wia Webmaster account and via ping submission.  Currently, after some time, we have 63 indexed urls (vs. millions on Goog).  To date, only a few of our sitemaps have been downloaded and fewer crawled.  We are a highly legit site, coming out of the gate strong, bt can not get Bing to crawl us.  What can I do?  Who can I call?

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  • How old is your site?

    Also, I suggest you only submit one Sitemap Index file in Webmaster Center [currently, in webmaster center, we cannot submit multiple sitemaps].

    Also, showing us your site URL will help.



  • What can I do? Who can I call? what?

  • pumaforever

    What can I do? Who can I call? what?

    what are you talking about?

  • Hi - change the post thread to FAO: Brett Yount.  He is a consultant working for MS/Bing will take on the non-generic queries

  • Bing is much slower compared to google, so you might want to be more patient. So if some of your pages are now indexed in Bing, you can be sure that finally your site will be fully crawled and indexed.

  • You are at the right place.  Any questions that cannot be answered here will eventually be handled by the right people at Bing.

    First of all, what is the URL?

    Secondly, have you looked into your log files to determine that msnbot has not crawled your site or are you doing a site: search and looking at the index?  Those are two separate things.  Just because many pages are not in the index does not mean that Bing has not crawled and evaluated those pages.

    Bing does crawl sites very well.  But Bing does not maintain pages in their index that do not meet quality standards - namely unique content and relevant backlinks.

    I hope that helps.

  • See "Bing Guidelines For Successful Indexing" for help.

  • Could you put your URL here. How many high quality backlinks do you have? 

  • You need to have old links, links that have been there for a while.

  • It took me a really long time to get on Bings radar.  Even when I did though, most of my traffic still came form google and yahoo.  I wouldn't worry too much about bing.  It probably isn't something you have wrong with your site, just that bing is still in infant stages.


    Just hang in there.

  • Hello ftbbing1,

    You can use the Bing webmaster tool, and submit it code on your website. If your want to SEO Services In India, so i can help you

  • I think, you site will be crawl more times when it will be visited more & more. Is it? 

  • do more off page submission that will affect for crawling your website.

  • submit your url and sitemap to bing, that's enough bing will automatically find your site and start crawl your site and index

  • Do Social bookmarking regularly.