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Removing Pages


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Removing Pages

  • Just for anyone who wants to remove indexed pages, since the support request form seems to have stopped working:

    1 - Go to

    2 - Click "Help" (bottom right hand corner)

    3 - Click "Get More Help" (bottom right hand corner)

    4 - Click "Get Support"

    5 - You'll then get a list of services - click "Bing" and you should get a contact form from where you can select an option to get content removed

    Please read these blog posts for further instructions, but note that the form linked to from them no longer works; it just redirects you to the Help Center:



  • Thanks for this thread:

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  • Hey Archie!

    Thanks for the information!!!

  • Archie,

    Thanks for the head-up. I was confused why the old link started redirecting to another location.

  • Hi Archie,

    I need to remove indexed pages from a URL that I am not the owner of.  My friend already edited the website, but doesn't know how to make the changes with Bing.  This removal is urgent.  I found your suggestion here and tried to do this, but it appeared "Unplanned Service Interruption" after I clicked on "Get Support."  Am I allowed to make these changes with Bing since I am not the owner of the website or does my friend have to do it?  Do you know of another way that I can take care of this, as this is a very urgent matter?



  • Thanks, Archie.

    Is there planned for the future some kind of faster system? That is - maybe another form you guys will put up or an automated system so that we don't have to email and then wait? 

  • Thank you Archie.


  • Thanks Archie. :)

    I can also use the robots.txt to block certain files and/or folders from being crawled and indexed.

  • Can anyone tell me how to remove content from a webpage found on Bing urgently?  We filled out the content removal form and also uploaded robot.txt file to the server.  It has been quite some time and it is still appearing on Bing.  I really need for this to be taken care of quickly.  Any thoughts?


  • That was nice thread. I was searching for it. 

  • The fastest way to remove pages from Bing is to use the Block URLs tool in the webmaster tools.  Once you've verified you own the domain, click on the Index tab, and the Block URLs link in the top left corner.

  • how can i restrict the pages that bing crawls?


  • I would be very surprised if you could have content removed from the search index without first verifying ownership of the site.

  • Thanks for nice information.

  • Make sure you put these tags in the head section of the page you want removed should work in a few days 


    <META NAME="robots" CONTENT="noindex,nofollow" />