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Testing BingBot's Present Crawling Speed Of New Sites


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Testing BingBot's Present Crawling Speed Of New Sites

  • As can be seen from my latest test, the speed has somehow increased, but I'm not sure of its consistence.

    Another issue is that generally it doesn't index sites deeper that much.


    I really hope that Bing index pages faster when it uses Yahoo power too.

    The only problem of webmasters with Bing is the speed of indexing pages. Bing is slow now and i hope to see an instant indexing in the future.


  • bing takes atleast 6 month for index all the urls of website and google takes 1 month for indexing all the urls.

  • Good news, I will hope my new website fast indexes by bing boot, thanks for creating good thread.

  • really nice post and very informative.

  • I got most of my linked to bing compared to google and yahoo..

  • I am also waiting for that.

  • Google can index quickly more than other searching engine

  • I did not found yet a solution, may once every month submit and some months get it, but a lot of indexed web

  • Not enough information, to be honest you people should be working on your bot a bit harder,you people are no where near the google,so before competing first try to improve your service,if we submit our site maps at same time to both google and bing,within in one day each and every link will be on google while on bing may b 1 or 2 not more than that,do u have any excuse to that ?

  • Very good information , thank you so much

  • Thank you for information