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looking for tips how to start Dynamic Seo Optimization


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looking for tips how to start Dynamic Seo Optimization

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There are lots of SEO guru's around the world who provide great SEO strategies for static website can any body help me how to do dynamic seo optimization. its pretty difficult to optimize web pages dynamically.

I fear a lot from content duplication looking for positive response.

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  • Avoid duplicate content. It affects Ranking.


    JB Global Packaging

  • Thanks for Suggestion


    Rahul Sharma

  • Hello Rahul

    go through above link for remove your query.



    James Smith

  • Thanks for your Kind support Hope I gonna do something better for my Dynamic website.


    Rahul Sharma

  • Hey James

    Thanx for your links.

    Its good for me too.

  • Search for dynamic seo tips & follow them.

  • There is a good article to read.

  • Hi,

    Dynamic sites require highly specialized search engine marketing strategies that differ from those used for static sites. It's still hard to get dynamic sites indexed unless they're properly optimized. While search engines say they now index dynamic sites, and they do, many times it doesn't happen without a little help. And certainly the positioning of pages is another issue altogether.


    I will Give you best strategy to optimize a dynamic site. but now i am little bit busy.

  • Avoid mainly duplicate content, because content is the main matter of a website.

  • whats the difference between dynamic SEO and normal SEO?
  • For dynamic website, create clean URL so that will be search engine friendly and also treat as a static website URL.

    Don't make duplicate content on different pages.

    Make Meta Tag according to content for each pages

  • same method for dynamic and static website.

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  • Try to have quality content and work on article submission, social bookmarking and social networking to rank high in search engine.