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Index Explorer

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Is it just us...or is the "Index Explorer" data in Webmaster Tools out of date? I compared with a site:ourwebsite query in Bing and the numbers are drastically different.

In other words, if you are looking to see how many of your pages Bing has indexed, do a site:your website search and you should see more encouraging results.

Thoughts, are we way off here?


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  • Hi,

    This does seem to effect everyone, but over time the numbers do right themselves.

  • Bing index very slow ! so i have to wait for  a long time to have result

  • I have this situation:

    • Pages Summary shows 64 indexed pages,
    • Bing site: query shows 46 pages,
    • Index Explorer shows only 6 URLs


    Probably first Webmaster Tools that have fewer information then running queries on SE itself.

  • The accuracy of those tools has always been questionable and hence, not reliable.

  • It seems that recently Index Explorer has been more synchronized, now it shows 62 pages.

  • I'm having a similar issue, except with a twist.

    My summary shows 55 pages indexed, but the index explorer shows one page.  

    Not only that, clicking on the root folder it also says there are 55, even though it only expands into one.

    And the twist (maybe) is that just a couple weeks ago it was showing all the links in the explorer,  They went away from the explorer but the number of pages indexed count never changed.

  • I think you can trust to the information you get from Bing search engine not Bing webmaster tools. Because it takes time that Bing webmaster tools database to be synchronized with Bing search engine and its the reason of this difference in number of  indexed pages for your website.

  • my web indexed by bing just onE after for a month  ! jep

  • I've never seen the point of using this data. At the end of the day it's about hits and conversions ... and I get nothing from Bing. I still support the Bing concept, but either someone else gets all of the hits or nobody is looking ;-)

  • You have wait and have some patience as bing index bit slow

  • Yes You are right Anonymous! I have a blog related to health and we want to BING index my blog but it can't. What the prob of my blog please check here: ! if you fine any prob please tell me and I will improve it.

    Thanks & Regards

      Grace Moore