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Website erroneously tagged with "Warning: Dangerous Downloads"


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Website erroneously tagged with "Warning: Dangerous Downloads"

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My website has been tagged erroneously with a dangerous download warning  on Bing and Yahoo search engines.  We are a Yahoo store and contacted them (Yahoo Merchant Solutions) and they of course concluded that it is an error and there is no dangerous download on our site.  According to the rep I spoke with, they have not  seen this with one of their stores before and are taking it very seriously and the executive level was aware of this but having little luck contacting anyone at microsoft to deal with it.    We have followed the online procedures bing directs us to take and have a support tick number (1154665776), but it has been 10 days and the warning message is still there and of course this is costing us very valuable business--as well as microsoft in advertising dollars.  It seems absurd that they can't deal with this situation more promptly than this.  So if anyone has any suggestions on how we can speed this process along and get them to reevaluate our site and remove the warning it would be greatly appreciated!!



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  • Hi Artk,

    Your issue is already being reviewed. Malware re-evaluation requests take 3-6 weeks to finalize our review and create a new reputation ranking of the page/site. A representative will get in touch with you for updates.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • We are having the same issue (support ticket number SRX1156222810ID). We have received the same standard response of "Normally, these re-evaluation requests take 3-6 weeks to finalize our review and create a new reputation ranking of the page/site." There is no malware on our page, so we don't know what is causing it to be flagged as malware infected. Why does it take so long to re-evaluate? 

    We can see in the Bing webmaster center 42 urls being reported as malware infected in the crawl detail. These urls are all going to the same page on our site. Most of them are showing old Yahoo Search Marketing or Overture tracking code parameters on them, which we cannot find on any of our ads in Microsoft ad center. We are not sure where these crawled urls are coming from. And we are wondering if these pay per click parameters could be triggering the malware report. There should be something in webmaster tools to indicate what is causing the page to be flagged as malware infected.

    To make matters worse since this information is reported to Yahoo, our index page is flagged in Yahoo search as containing dangerous downloads now too.

    Of course our pay per click ads with Bing and Yahoo that use the same page as their landing page are not disabled or showing warnings. So Microsoft's revenue is not affected just ours. I bet if the issue impacted Microsoft's ad revenue it wouldn't take 3-6 weeks to resolve.

    Our business is loosing sales every day this persists. How does Microsoft expect businesses to continue to afford their products and purchase their advertising when they negatively affect those businesses' revenue streams in this way?

  • Since I posted this morning our link is no longer blocked in Bing organic search with the malware warning. Thank you to whomever at Microsoft fixed this today.

    Our webmaster center account still shows 42 urls for the same page under the malware catagory, and Yahoo still has the dangerous download warning next to our listing in organic search. Hopefully Yahoo will get the update from Bing and fix it on their end ASAP.

  • That's strange. Bing and Yahoo tied up together a long while ago and the search results should be the same. Worth checking regularly over the next few days. Good luck!

  • It took about 24 hours for the warning to stop showing for all our main keyword search terms on both sites. We received an official reply from Yahoo customer support yesterday verifying that the warning had been removed from both the Yahoo and Bing search sites and apologizing for the inconvenience.  

  • Dear Support,

            Same thing with our website as well. Ticket (SRX1157555923ID) . Every time we try contacting support all we get is automated reply. Please help us get rid of warning sign.


  • It amazes me that anyone would provide a feature like this without a way to run an instant scan for it to be removed and without a way to tell what the root problem is. I mean, if there is a dangerous download on a page, tell WHY you flagged it. Otherwise I have no idea of how to fix it. Oh, and when you send in the support ticket, you will recieve an email back that tells you to try Microsoft's webmaster tools. Guess what? The link goes to nowhere. Come on guys, lets get these things fixed for your users.

  • I know that this is an old thread but it's been 8 weeks now since I removed any malware and requested re-evaluation (ticket: 1166627964) It is still showing a malware warning and the traffic is suffering for it. Is there an email address I can get hold of anywhere? I really need this sorting.

  • That's strange

  • I have the same  problem. Ticket # 1170549602.  thats the latest ticket number.  I keep resubmitting every week because the problem does not seem to be getting resolved. In the mean time we just keep losing business.   What a way to treat your customers Microsoft.  

  • Hello,

    I have same issues, tthey said (Warning: Dangerous Downloads) when displays the results of my website (on yahoo search).

    I had to delete and remove content that is considered to be malware, please reviewmy website.  And I hope my website search results can be returned to the shows moothly without any warning.

    This is my support ticket number: 1171183429


  • From what I can tell, Microsoft seems to be having issues either with false positives occurring or deep linking that is triggering the issue. In other words, if you link to a site that has dangerous downloads, you may also be getting dinged. Not sure what the true cause is because they will never truly admit to what is going on as a result of liability issues.

    By the way, as a search engine, they have NO obligation to you. They are not liable for flagging your results as dangerous. They are not required to remove the dangerous download warning. Just an unfortunate part of the business. I would recommend anyone having this issue to contact the BBB, though I am not sure what will happen.

  • Two of our wordpress sites were just flagged and I've had them scanned by Qualys and several other services all of which found NO malware. On the crawl details page it says "0 instances" of malware, yet we got tagged and the automated malware emails just keep coming. No response to service tickets.

    I am sorry, but this is entirely unacceptable to us. Bing is not going to be successful if they can't improve their response time and quality. Webmaster Tools is useless in this context.

  • Scan your website for malware



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  • Hi,

    I am having the same problem i removed malware 4 weeks ago and I am scanning daily and no malware has been detected. I have contacted BING at least 4 times about this issue but i have had no reply and dangerous download message is still present on 4 of my most popular URL's.

    Its totally disgusting that BING does this to people. I rely on my website for a small extra income to support me and my family and this has really effected my earnings over the last month.

    I still receive an automated email everyweek from BING webmaster saying my site has malware. This is total BS!

    BING has no credability in my eyes....LONG LIVE THE GOOGLE GODS!!!!!!