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Several MSNbot ips (Possible Rogue Bot ) attacking our site for past couple of days. How do we stop it?


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Several MSNbot ips (Possible Rogue Bot ) attacking our site for past couple of days. How do we stop it?

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Our domain:

For the past couple of days we have been under attack by several MSNbots all on the site at the same time. We gave the BOD thinking maybe there was an error and that Microsoft would reset their servers or catch it but its still going on even though we started to block some of the ips. Last night we blocked 8 ips and this morning we're back again monitoring traffic and see another MSNbot hitting the server.

We even went so far to put a crawl-delay in the robots file and its being ignored.

We don't want to be deindexed but we also don't want to be getting hammered everyday by the MSNbot using up tons of server resources.

Is anyone else experiencing this or has experienced this and if so what was your remedy?


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  • We now have an additional 4 MSNbot ips on our website using up valuable server resources, can anyone explain or help us on this?

    Are we under some DDos attack from MSNbots?

  • We're now seeing a ton more of MSNbot ips on our server and its obvious  that its some sort of an attack but like we said earlier we do not want to block MSN entirely and get deindexed. Please advise.

  • We are seeing the same thing on our website over the last few days.  We are also looking at starting to block these.  We have over 80 different IP's from MSNbot hitting our site.  We have sent an email to abuse but have had no response.  

  • This getting out of control Bing. These bots are Bing bots and MSNbots, what's going on with your bots, there out of control!

    This is ridiculous and is eating our server resources. Maybe we should start asking our host to look at the bandwidth these bots are costing us...

  • I'm getting a ton from china IPs saying

    what are the ips they use for the bing bot?

  • they've got about 80 ips they use for their bot with most of them starting with 207.46...  Over the weekend they set off the DOS alerts maxing our connections right out killing our performance thus killing our conversion ratio.

    We blocked more last night and this morning were still getting smashed. Is anyone from MSN/Bing reading this threads, it would be nice to hear from someone and maybe an explanation as to why its happening.

  • Just a heads up to check your inbox Ray.  I sent you an email to dive deeper into this situation.

    Also, a note to remind folks that controlling the crawl rate of BingBot is as easy as logging into your Bing Webmaster account and using the Crawl Settings feature (found under the Crawl tab).  This will allow you to set the rate at which Bingbot crawls and adjust it hourly to customize the crawl rate to fit your traffic patterns. 


  • Hey Duane,

    thanks for the heads up. We're going over the data now and will talk with you shortly. Thank you for your help.

  • I'm getting slammed right now as well, hosting company is disabling my site every hour as i'm being slammed by msn bots, and bing bots on my site.  I've set the level lower in bing webmaster tools and it's still not taking effect.

  • An IP check of the bot's addresses show this is coming from microsoft.