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Yet again with the wrongful malware issue.... Come on Bing!


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Yet again with the wrongful malware issue.... Come on Bing!


    I have discovered that four of the websites I represent have links that are dissabled and labeled with a malicious software warning in search results where they are listing.

    Not only that, but two of these websites have already gone through the proper Bing channels and were found not to have malware, one as recently as this past April. Yet here they are again, targeted as having a malware issue.

    Will Bing be able to completely clear these sites permanently and fix their side of things so this does not happen again? Gosh I sure hope so!


    BTW... yes, I have submitted a ticket, again (1159176151).

    I will be documenting all the info -- from the service I receive to how long it takes Bing to fix their error -- and will post it on forums, blogs, facebook, twitter and anywhere else it would be helpful to those that are going through the same thing.


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  • Well, you have the best first step covered MCI - getting the ticket submitted.

    I'll try to keep an eye open internally for this one and see how it moves.  Should work through the system without any intervention, though.

    Sometimes items get flagged with malware warning becuase they exhibit a pattern that closely resebles malware, and we'd rather err on the side of caution when it comes to sending searchers through to websites.  I am not saying that's the case here, but it can happen.

  • I very much appreciate your help Duane. I've had difficulty in the past with Support including a very lengthy wait (submitted ticket Feb 3rd issue resolved April 5th) as well as ignored communications.

    However, this experience is already looking to be much improved. On day 2 I've received contact from not only you, but [Edited by moderator] with Tech Support.

    YaY! Thank you! :)

  • A basic outline of my experience with Bing and how long it takes to get help for the wrongful malware issue mentioned above. I'll update this from time to time to keep everyone posted.

    Day 1 Wednesday Aug 3rd

    Submitted Support Ticket

    Posted on Bing Webmaster form:

    Including a updated post on the site that came around for a 2nd time...

    Day 2 Thursday Aug 4th
    Got an answer from Support already! Received contact on the Forum as well. So far, a very different then previous experience. Answered forum posts and email.

    Day 3 Friday Aug 5th
    Got an email from Nathan at Bing Technical Support
    "We'll escalate this concern to the Product Group for further investigation. We'll keep you posted once feedback becomes available."

    Aug 6th & 7th Weekend

    Day 4 Monday Aug 8th
    Nothing except an MSN Support Survey which I found slightly ironic since the issue has not been resolved. It would surely be in their favor to wait until a potentially happy resolution...

    Day 5 Tuesday Aug 9th

    Day 6 Wednesday Aug 10th

    Day 7 Thursday Aug 11th

    Day 8 Friday Aug 12th

    Aug 13th & 14th Weekend

    Day 9 Monday Aug 15th

    Day 10 Tuesday Aug 16th

    Day 11 Wednesday Aug 17th

    2 weeks and no resolution.

  • Day 12 Thursday Aug 18th

    Day 13 Friday Aug 19th

    Aug 20th & 21st Weekend 

    Day 14 Monday Aug 22nd

    Day 15 Tuesday Aug 23rd

    Day 16 Wednesday Aug 24th

    Day 17 Thursday Aug 25th

    Day 18 Friday Aug 26th

    Aug 27th & 28th Weekend

    Day 19 Monday Aug 29th
    Sent support an email kindly requesting a status update 

    Getting close to 4 weeks and still nothing done...

  • I am in the same boat.... Warning was removed only to reappear. Please see my other post.

    (I sent you an email via your site)

  • Way past time to update this!


    Day 20 Aug 30th

    Got a short answer from Farley with Bing Technical Support:

    "I checked the following sites and I confirm that there are no more malware warnings... [cut out site names]

    Please do not hesitate to contact us back should you require further assistance."


    My reply:

    "Hello [Edited by moderator] -

    Thank you for the quick response. I'm so happy to see the physical malware warning taken off of [domain removed to stay within forum guidelines] when it comes up in the search results!

    I did have a few questions I would like to run by you...

    All four of the websites [afore mentioned] still show as being malware infected in Bing Webmaster Tools.

    -Will that also be cleaned up?

    -Or should I expect a physical warning to pop up in the search results at any time?

    I'm very concerned about this being the second wrongful malware warning in the search results for

    I'm worried that the other web pages along with will not be properly indexed. They appear to cause red flags during a bingbot crawl as they show as malware infecting in Bing Webmaster Tools.

    We are very open to doing anything on our end to help whether that involves testing or whatever else we can do to help resolve this issue.

    Thank you for all your time and consideration!"


    Farley was prompt in his response but obviousley had not read the case file as he was under the impression that we had been affected by malware...

    "Hello April,

    I'm glad to say that the malware infection warnings on Bing Webmaster Tools will eventually get dropped and you don't need to expect any malware warnings showing up on the sites I checked earlier.

    Now regarding your concern about the sites not getting properly indexed on Bing, I regret to say that that is an expected outcome of getting infected with malware. What you need to do is improve on your SEO techniques for the site to recover.

    The Bing Help System provides recommendations that may help MSNBot/BingBot and other web crawlers effectively index and rank sites. They also provide a list of techniques to avoid if owners want to make sure their site is indexed.

    [went on to give me information that did not relate to us since our website never had malware to begin with]

    In the event that the malware tags on your sites still show on Webmaster Center Tools after a week's time, contact us back and we'll do a thorough investigation of the issue.

    I hope the information I provided helps your site get back on track on the rankings.


    [Edited by moderator]

    Bing Technical Support"


    My Reply

    "Thank you [Edited by moderator]!

    Being that the websites were wrongfully listed as malware by Bing - meaning they never had malware to begin with, do I still need to worry about them getting properly indexed?

    I'll be sure to read through the resources you sent.

    I've a feeling that the malware tags will still be in Bing Webmaster Tools even after waiting a week as some of them have been there for many many months (wrongfully since none of them ever had malware). Then seeing get the warning notices for a second time in search results, I was very worried the others would start showing again as well.

    Anyway, I'll wait the week and will let you know if they are still there.

    I appreciate the help!

    [Edited by moderator]




  • I'm sorry your going through the same thing, positivek9. It is beyond aggravating that a website is wrongfully marked by Bing (and consequently Yahoo!) as having malware, but to wait SO long for help is the cherry-on-top of this whole experience. 

    You would think that it would be a fairly easy thing to see a website is *clean and reinstate it right away. After which they should see WHY they were picking it up as malware and fix the fault on their end so it does not reoccur.


    For others benefit:

    * Beyond having your web host/security check, here are some easy to do malware checks: 

    If all else fails and they don't answer you within their up-to 6 week time frame you are within your rights to report them to the BBB.

  • Another update on the wrongful malware listing situation...

    Just sent today to support:

    "Hello [Edited by moderator],

    Instead of just a week, here we are a month later and 3 of our websites are show as having malware in Bing Webmaster Tools Center.

    These are websites that do not currently have warnings in the search results (as far as I know). If you look back at the support ticket case, you will see we are dealing with websites being wrongfully marked as having malware in Bing Webmaster Tools and sometimes pop up in the search results with the warning.

    One of our sites, has been marked with the do not click warning in Bing/Yahoo! search results twice! It has never - ever had malware...

    So, back to our websites showing malware infected in Bing Webmaster Tools.

    - Will this also be cleaned up?

    - If it is not cleaned up in Bing Webmaster Tools, should I expect a physical warning to pop up in the search results at any time?

    - Are these websites being properly indexed? Obviously a worry as they cause red flag for malware issues during a bingbot crawl.

    We are very open to doing anything on our end to help whether that involves testing or whatever else we can do to help resolve this issue.

    Please help!
    [Edited by moderator]"

  • Hi [Edited by moderator],

    We were told 3-8 weeks on Aug 31st... It will be 5 weeks this Wed. Bing has had more than enough time to correct this. At least you seem to be getting detailed is the last ones we received:

    From Yahoo Sept 18: "We're currently investigating the "dangerous downloads" issue you have brought to our attention. We have determined that this may be a problem on our end. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this for you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you."

    From Bing on Oct 1: "We do understand the importance of this issue. However, as our Product Team is still in the process of investigating this, we're unable to provide any details. Rest asured that we'll contact you immediatly once we receive any update from them. Best regards, [Edited by moderator] Bing Technical Support"

    We are getting fed up and feel we have been more than patient. Every day that this false Warning continues is a loss to our company. This warning is false, it is defaming and it is causing economic damage. We have lost customers as a result of seeing Bing and Yahoo's false, deceptive, confusing and/or misleading statements and representations of our site. It took years to build our brand, it has taken Bing and Yahoo a few months to destroy it. With no notice and no explanation.

  • Hi all,

    Bing/Yahoo finally removed all warnings from my site at about the 7th week of their investigation.. no notice was given by either, no explanation, no sorry we caused such harm to your business. Running numbers compared to last year's sales clearly shows a huge loss over the past months when the malware warning was applied. But we are rebuilding and sales/traffic are back. Would have been nice to know what was triggering the false positive but it remains a mystery.

    Lesson to be learned - keep an eye on Bing Webmaster Crawl Details. If I had realized what was happening sooner, the loss would not have been so bad for us.

  • Hi All,

    I have the same issue - a malware warning for one of my sites that doesn't seem to have any malware. I've run the site through several malware scanners and it comes up clean. It doesn't set off my antiviral program either, which is very good at catching these sorts of things. I've submitted a ticket to Bing about a week ago, but nothing. The automated response I got back from them that was supposed to give me some sort of information only sent me to my own email address. In the Bing search results my site is blocked because of the malware, which doesn't exist. This can't be good for my traffic or my site's reputation.

  • I too have a simular issue with Bing saying Malware on a site of mine.

    I asked bing for help tracking any Malware down and Bing say look under Crawl, but this does not show any URL that may have Malware..

    Google Tools says no Malware found.

    Local tests say no malware on computer ot local files for web sites.

    Bing No help to me so I post a message on the forum

  • I agree, see my message below..

    Google Tools say OK

  • Hi,

    You need to go to Bing Webmaster and look under Crawl Details. You will see a "Export" button located on the upper right under the Help icon. Click on Export, save file, and then open in Excel or a similar program. This will show all the URL's that were flagged along with the error code.

    Hope that helps!