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PENDING Sitemap after 1 1/2 months!


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PENDING Sitemap after 1 1/2 months!

  • I submitted my sitemap over a month and a half ago and the sitemap still shows a pending... my site get around 1000 UV per day from google and gets crawled by google within minutes of new content, how come bing doesn't even want to download my sitemap?!My content gets updated every day, yet bing prefers to index and rank low quality sites...



  • @davecc

    Currently our team is looking into the sitemap submission and is working on a fix. There's no ETA at the moment, so please be patient.


  • I appreciate your response Wil, but based on other posts in this forum, it would seem that this problem has been going on for quite a while. Shouldn't this issue be a top priority? To compete with G, Bing NEEDS high quality sites to be properly crawled...

  • i jiust check it and found that   "quite a while"======Years.......and i am really speechless  with bing's  ETA~~

  • This really should have been fixed by now, this is odd.

  • Sitemap still pending... Come on Bing, I believe in you :P

  • So... I initially submitted my sitemap about 3 months ago... How is this possible??? Is BING not crawling websites built within the past 3 months?

    I don't understand how something as important as downloading and crawling new sitemaps can't be resolved by one of the largest search engines!

    This DOESN'T look good Bing.

  • Indexing is not related to domain age at all. Bing indexes all websites with any age. You need some quality backlinks for your website to get indexed faster. Social bookmarking sites and article directories are good resources for making backlinks.

  • @Josh, I guess you have no idea what's happening with bing and new sitemaps... Did you read the whole thread?

    FYI, those spammy links in your signature are worthless.

  • As I think back, at least for the domains I administer within the Webmaster Tools area of Bing, this has been going on for about 4 months. It has gotten progressively worse. Not only do sitemap.xml files throw errors but the Bing Bot is incapable of reading a robots.txt file. I actually got an error that the robots.txt file was none existent. Yet, per my server logs I see that Bing does indeed get 200's and is retrieving not only the robots.txt file but the pages within the given domain.

    Just for fun I fed Bing the same sitemap.xml file for each of my domains. Where I created pages with varying content to match the sitemap url, as well as changing the domain within the sitemap for validity. Bing accepted two and threw errors on the rest and had a major hiccup in getting a robots.txt file.

    I than attempted to feed urllist.txt files to Bing, as they are the simplest. IE; One url per line. Now my sites have been sitting in the Pending state...

    Maybe this ordeal we are experiencing is the demise of Microsoft. I just can't think of any other reason...

  • you mean the quality backlinks attract the bing bot. i believe thats right,,but,,does it mean the bing bot has no interest in the brand-new site??it should not be the case,,

    sorry for my bad english.

  • Maybe you should contact customer support mention about your issue, they will guide you as far your case is concerned.

  • I'm facing the same Issue with Bing sitemap submission through Bing web master tools , My sitemap still in pending status.  Bing need to sincerely work on these kind of small issues.

    -- Emavens

  • Yes, we have same problem status pending is longtime about 1 month pending status in my blog Cafe Sticker but other blog reklame Advertisng is not have problem in sitemap. we used wordpress blog machine with xml sitemap plugin on the both blog. we hope any answer that solved this problem.

  • @Emavens, i think you need to resubmit your sitemap to Bing webmaster tools