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How do I check if my site is banned


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How do I check if my site is banned

This question is not answered

My site is

Please help.

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  • How do I check if my site is banned in bing.

  • i beleive you will have a message in WMT's

    First see if it is ion the index.

    search for

  • You have some pages indexed.  not banned.  

  • who will reply it?


    8. sınıf ingilizce

  • A lot of people get confused when their site starts dancing in the SERPs and the think they're banned.

    As said above, just type in site:yourdomain and you'll see your site.

    Obviously change "yourdomain" to the site your looking for :)

  • you should put your website url in search box and check is it available in search engine and if not available than it means your website has been banned.

  • my site is not showing up .. no messages in MWT and I did however find my site listed on IP .. can anyone tell me what to do?  Http://