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My website is not crawled and indexed by Bing


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My website is not crawled and indexed by Bing

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My Website has not been indexed and when I try Mark up Validator and put my website url there it gives me an error ->

Something appears to be incorrect, preventing us from showing you data. Please check your markup for inclusion and accuracy, and try again.


Please help.

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  • i think you have to submit your site to bing webmaster.

  • submit your site and submit too your sitemap, like sitemap.xml or for blogger atom.xml

  • My sites are not indexed by bing either. I used to be when you're indexed by google bing and yahoo would automatically index you but I guess that's not the case anymore .

  • It will just be matter of time.

    Bing does take time but try submitting sitemap and bookmarking your site.

  • My be you must check the hmtl validator for meta tag and description, and make some a quality backlink with the relevance contents.

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  • Just create a better sitemap for yahoo and bing and submit it to bing webmaster it will help you alot to index your site

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  • Hi,

    I went through your website and i could access it without any issues. To get your site crawled by search engine, You need to promote on popular social networking sites like fb, twitter etc..

    Also, You need to Build backlinks for your site by doing SEO Offpage..

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