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Webmaster tools broken?


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Webmaster tools broken?

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I've logged in to the webmaster tools area and have found it impossible to add a site - clicking the 'add site' button produces nothing. Clicking the 'export' button downloads a blank file.

Attempted with multiple accounts across IE, FireFox and Chrome - all with the same results.

Any insight?

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  • Same thing going on on my end too. I have tried IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari to no avail.

  • i do not very like BIng webmaster tool because of slowing run.

    Dich vu thanh lap cong ty
  • I just tried to add a new domain and everyhting is working fine in both the test accounts, admin accounts and my personal Bing WMT account.  I'm sitting in a Webmaster Tool engineering meeting now and the team is going to investigate further.

  • I'm having the exact same issue. What a PITA with Bing WMT.

  • I have tried to submit a new entertainment blog for one of my clients and haven't had any luck.

  • Thanks for looking into this as it isnt working out here where I am.

    All help is greatly appreciated.

    I have a customer that isn't too pleased right now.

  • There are 4 javascript errors on the page.

    Two of them are "$ is undefined". $ is the standard starting character for jQuery code ($(document).ready(function()), which means jQuery is not being properly initialized. I looked into the javascript and found that the "Add Site" button produces a dialogue. Those dialogues require jQuery to function. Thus, broken jQuery == broken "Add Site" button.

    They need to fix this ASAP!

  • Thanks for the ongoing feedback gang.  We're still looking at things on our end.  trouble is, we can't reproduce the issue, so we're looking into ways we can still issue a fix, bu tin a broader scope.  

    @Brian - thanks for the analysis - I've sent that along to the engineers as well. ;)

  • Doesn't work for me either. Won't load in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Thanks for the input, nuchi - folks on our end are still investigating this.

  • In IE, my site ( shows on WMT, but all summary stats show as "Loading." Clicking Add Site does nothing.  Export exports a blank file except file does say that site has been verified. Also, no messages.

    In chrome, everything is fine.  All stats appear correct. 3 messages.


  • Good morning Duane,

    I tried it again this morning with Win7 / IE 9, Firefox 11.0, Chrome 17.0.963..83 and Safari 5.1.4. Unfortunately the tools still don't work. I have also tried it on my Win8 CP with IE 10 with no positive results.

    Thank you for your attention to this.

    Chris B

  • This issue seems to be sporadic, and we are having a hard time diagnosing why this is happening.  Could someone that this is happening to send me a Fiddler trace?  The instructions for taking this trace are:

    1. Download and install Fiddler2 (

    2. Open browser of your choice

    3. Clear cache and cookies

    4. Sign in into

    5. Open Fiddler

    6. Open menu Tools then select “Fiddler Options”. Click on HTTPS tab and check “Decrypt HTTS traffic” and “Ignore server certificate errors”

    7. Go to

    8. Then switch to Fiddler

    9. Select all urls by pressing Ctrl+A

    10. Right click and select “Save” , then “Selected sessions”, then “… in ArchiveZIP”

    11. Send me the saved file to

    Thank you.

    Reid Maker

    Senior Development Lead

    Bing Webmaster Tools

  • The amin.js script has some problems.  Keywords are cut off mid line.

  • The teams internally are working on a fix gang.  Thanks to a couple forum members who sent us info we needed, it got them on the right track, which resulted in us seeing a bug that resided outside our own immediate systems, but still was a bug nonetheless.