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Pages Indexed to low


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Pages Indexed to low

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my site have more than 200 pages but Bing only index 20 page last 2 month, I dont know why ?

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  • same with mine, still looking for solution for this. Hope someone can give the solution...

  • Bing has different algorithm for indexing and ranking sites and its not like Google. Bing usually index quailty websiets that have unique contents and powerful backlinks. You should post unique content into your website and also make some powerful backlinks for your website then i think Bing will index your website more and faster and also submit and verify your website into Bing webmaster tools.

  • i dont think that a good idea from bing


  • You are on track with those numbers.

    As a rule of thumb, Bing is 1/10 as capable as Google.

    It indexes 1/10 as many pages of my site, sends me 1/10 the traffic, the bot visits 1/10 the time.....

    Since I get more than 0 users from Bing, it's still worth investing some time.... just 1/10 of what I do for Google.

  • I have the same problem my learning site : has almost 250 pages and bing only index 1 page so far.


    Please suggest any solution or way out.



  • some site from google site  had the same prolem.

    index lower than google web master.

  • Google indexed my site over 1600 pages, but bing indexed my site 156 pages. Not sure why...

  • bing and google both use different keywords and different strategies to rank or index pages on your site. I do find it frustrating that you can have many pages in one search engine and only a few in the other make sure your seo practices are up to standard  


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  • mine is worse. google indexed my site over 150 pages but bing indexed my site only 1 page. if anyone knows how to get indexed by bing same as google, please share your knowledge.