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Sitemap submission status showing Pending


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Sitemap submission status showing Pending

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I submitted my sitemaps for my website 2 month ago and resubmitting it many times(5-6).But still it showing pending status.It never gives any error but why its not showing submitted.Why it is always pending.Please Help me out.. :(

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  • I still have some pending from as far back as 6 months.  I don't think it works properly.  

  • After looking this thread I don't have any hope to they'll solve this problem.

  • Same problem for my website

  • Hi, submitted numerous sitemaps for my website: but they still show as pending?

    This is really bugging me as i need to know the stats about my site and it will not index any of my pages!

  • Is there a any bing staff in bing webmaster forum? This is very annoying!

  • if you are using wordpress use XML sitemaps plugin  it automatically submits sitemap to bing,

    but if you have created the sitemap from some external source and uploaded to the root directory on the server, i think you are using the url like this  it might not work for you use and submit it will work.  i have tested it on my own website and it worked fine.

  • Not working for me. I am waiting for more than a month to accepting the sitemap. What is wrong with bing? Google accepted same sitemap just in 3 days. Also, I'm using So, there is only one standard sitemap for all search engines. This is definitely bing's fault and they are doing nothing to fix this problem.

  • I also submitted mine for its still pending this is really bugging me as i need to know the stats about my site and it will not index any of my pages also!

  • Today I also submitted sitemap for my website . Let's see how much time it will take to get approved by Bing....*pray