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What is Anchor Text?


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What is Anchor Text?

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it is a visible text that is hyperlinked to another page.Anchor text have important role to get backlinks & Boost traffic on site and improve ranking on target keywords.
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  • Anchor Text is a visible hyper link to a text which indirects to a page when you click on it.

  • Anchor text helps to bring back links to our website.

  • This is a possible website you may get the answer to your question.

  • The anchor text is simply  text that contains a link to another page or link. Normally the search engines take much account of this factor, which is considered almost as if they were keywords.

    example :

    <a href="">Prezzihot Confronta Prezzi</a>

  • Yes Anchor Text is where a link is placed into a word or series of words. The anchor links can be beneficial in lifting the rankings of keywords for particular websites...... Although with Google always changing things Penguin... Panda.. who really knows anymore.

    Some Examples of anchor text would be as folllows

    gold coast removals  The link to the website has been placed in the words to the left, and the words used apply to that particular website which should help with better rankings for that particular search.... Of course it takes a lot more than just a couple of anchors/links to improve your keyword results.

  • Just in case my previous example didn't demonstrate an anchor properly l thought l do everyone a favor and give just another example

    quit smoking in 60 minutes ( the URL is placed / anchored in the words to the left) The words l used are words l would like better rankings for in search engines, hence they are keywords or keyword phrases.

    Do l make any sense ?
    Ok perhaps l will do just some more example

    I should point out that l am no expert on SEO so do not take my words/advice as being "Gospel" as l could be misleading myself and anyone who may choose to believe me, But having said the DISCLAIMER l will proceed with example of Anchor Text. Being an Australian l like to call myself Aussie Pete and l do have a blog myself which everyone is welcome to come take a look at and post comments if you like. I must say that all comments are moderated on my blog and l do not mind people inserting links, but l  only accept comments which are relevant....... As l was getting a lot of bots / spammers posting absolute rubbish just to create a few links.  If you visit my blog and post relevant comments you will be able to create your own anchors. Upon request l will create new topics so people can create their anchors within relevant topics.  Ok cheers everyone !!

  • ask yourself, where to get Anchor Text is the most effective method of it and how?

  • Spot the anchor text in this reply and there will be your answer, Did you know that l am a smoker and l have tried to Quit Smoking several times without much luck, so soon l am going to try a new technique which sounds a little weird but anything is worth a shot. I will try to Quit Smoking By Hypnosis and l believe it can work within one or two sessions. I have my fingers crossed as l need to stop smoking soon. I may need to Find A Babysitter because the hypnosis sessions can take over an hour each plus travel time there and back.  The travel time is the biggest factor as the Hypnosis clinic l wish to attend is so far away. Perhaps l should sell my home and hire a Furniture Removals business to move my possessions to a more convenient location as my current location in Country Victoria makes it hard to find many local services. The only thing my local town has is a supermarket and a pizza shop oh and a pub, but that is about all.

  • Anchor text is extremely useful for giving extra weight to your preferred keywords, for example if you are looking for a babysitter you would browse the internet and perhaps you would do a search for Sydney babysitter or maybe you are from Victoria and are looking for a Melbourne Babysitter well what ever you are looking for, your search result is often influenced by the anchor text of the webmaster or company performing the SEO.

  • What is anchor text ? if you are looking to find a babysitter you could click on the link which is also anchor text, hope that helps. Anyway if you are looking for a babysitter, nanny or aupair you could go to the website which links parents with childcare providers.