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Verification system doesn't work at all (Need Help!)


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Verification system doesn't work at all (Need Help!)

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I've already read FAQ files and checked all points it indicates, but my case doesn't fit any possible causes.

I choose the way to prove my right of website by placing xml files at the root folder.

And also confirmation process, step 3 pass seems to have no problem at all, as it clearly shows xml webpage with codes.

But after clicking a verify button, final step only show the following messages :

* We did not detect the BingSiteAuth.xml on your site's web server.
* We did not detect the <meta> tag in your site's default webpage.
* We did not detect your CNAME (alias) record. It may take a little while for DNS to propagate.
* Your site was inaccessible because of network problems.

It would be really appreciated if you let me know all available methods to solve this problem!

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  • Never had problems with site verification. Maybe the problem is on your side?

  • I have done all of what you have done and still the darn thing will not verify. Now, Google I had no problem.