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Bing Not Crawl My Website


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Bing Not Crawl My Website

  • I have a Website : .. But Bing Does not Crawl This Site What I do ???

  • same situation here i have a website but bing not crawl my website after submit my site to bing webmaster tool..........

  • hey

    i have the same thing with so i will like to if you found out of anything.

  • Happened with my homepage website 

    I don't know why it's happening as i've submitted long ago.

  • So have  you submited a sitemap to bing webmaster yet?

  • Joomla Download my site have submited a sitemap to Bing Webmaster  so Bing crawled my site

  • I think you should onpage your site first, then send up the social network and the rest are you using bing website manager.

  • my site :( bing index is very slow

  • My site slow, too

  • Try add your website to

    dont forget to add sitemap or feed

  • I didn't have that problem, I added my site a few days ago, and yesterday I noticed it was already crawled

  • I think you should submitting a sitemap to bing webmaster. my site have submited a sitemap to Bing Webmaster

  • First you should submit your website to bing webmaster and approve it by any convenient method. Do not forget to add bing sitemap to webmaster tool as it necessary to navigate bing spiders.

  • Its not a big problem, you need to take care of your work and try to find out how Bing webmaster works.


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  • my site is not crawled too.