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Bing Not Crawl My Website


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Bing Not Crawl My Website

  • Same problems here, We've recently launched a new site: Google crawled and indexed it within a week, still waiting for bing. Is there a way to get it indexed faster? something similar to "fetch as google bot"

  • Really good recommendations, I tried them with my Clues website and it helped. Thank you!

  • First you check it out your on-page details and once again added a website in bing webmaster tool and click in fetch. so this is helpful.

  • My website site

    Bing index is very Very slow

    pls help me. tks

  • My site is 3 months old but still couldnt indexed. Url is: Live Cricket Scores /

  • showing 2980 pages indexed.

  • I had the similar situation 2 months back for my site but as soon as i submitted to bing webmasters,it got indexed.

    So,i will suggest you to submit in webmaster for quick index.

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  • Use Fresh content and submit website in Bing Webmaster tool.

  • Now i creat website:

  • Recently added my site  - but it only shows 5 posts out of all of my posts. What to do?

  • it also helped my website too.

    so thank you very much

  • bing intitally did not crawl my website but later on i got a solution for it and now its ok check that trick now only at

  • check this myself faced same problem but now its ok i have given solution for this check at

  • Bing little attention to the content, just the domain of interest and backlink

  •  However, I wonder if the age of a website was always as important to Bing as it supposedly is now.