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Another Malware Warning Post!!


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Another Malware Warning Post!!

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I am hoping to attract some attention regarding "Malware Warnings" for my website, but i fear it will fall on deaf ears as many posts on here or other forums seem to hit a brick wall when it comes to dealing with bing support.

I have followed every procedure to make sure that my website contains no malware, yet 4+ weeks on my website is showing the Malware Warning in search results. I understand time limits and that there is a larger volume of complaints to deal with..... May i add its all self-inflicted !!

I have notified Bing Support on the 4/2/2013

But, hey!! When web masters are having to wait over that 4 week period it really is time to worry! All i get is a ready-made email reply with the same 4 week wait guff!! SORT IT OUT BING!! WHATS IS HAPPENING?? WHAT PROBLEM CAN YOU SEE THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN?

No links to dodgy websites

Yes Malware was found (but removed on the 4/2/2013)


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  • I can't even find where to submit a support ticket for this same issue, so you're doing better than I am doing. :(