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my submitted verified sites don't show up directly in bing searches


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my submitted verified sites don't show up directly in bing searches

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What else can I do to get links to  --   --- sites/pages to appear in any (relevant, of course) BING searches? (shows as certain pages) is my photography site, and is my blog site.

I submitted both sites to BING (at submit your site to Bing page).

I verified (and and both are listed on my Bing Site Dashboard. (still working on verifying, whose webmaster area doesn't include place to include Bing verification/tracking)

For Pages Crawled  # shows as 196, then 232; and 7 pages indexed each time; and  41, then 31, searches each resulted in *0 clicks. *0 Clicks: No actual links to my site pages Ever appear in bing search results - only link to another site that includes text "" or ''  or "ann parry photography" appears, at best.

NO links to my site appear when I search for,,"Ann Parry Photography" nor  ["Ann Parry" + photography], and similar.

For example, when I search for "" in Bing, search results do not include link to homepage, nor any other page of that site.

Thank you - Ann

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  • Hi Ann - I can find your site on when searching for or ann parry. See a screenshot here:

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  • Hi Ann - I can find your site on when searching for or ann parry. See a screenshot here:

  • @Vincent Wehren - Big thanks for responding to my question!

    When I saw your screenshot of bing search results for or ann parry, at first I got very different results, none of which were links to my sites.

    But just now I ran bing search, and llnks to my sites appear in the results! If you hadn't responded, I doubt I would have done a new search so soon, so you really helped save me from trying to fix something that was already fixed!

    - Ann

  • Happy I could help Ann and thanks for taking time to post your question!

    I would recommend trying not to have the same content on both and - this may unnecessarily dilute your rankings. Redirecting one to the other to consolidate would be better.



  • Vincent - first, thank you for taking the time to respond & make suggestion and are not duplicate sites but URLs 'within' same site, due to very unfortunate way Photoshelter creates URLs for different parts of sites for those with Custome Domain Names. I'd LOVE to avoid having "photoshelter" ever appear in any of my URL's, but it's beyond my control.

    ------>If you have any suggestion about how to handle this better in Bing webmasters, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Here's what I mean:


    click galleries tab:

    click a specific category thumbnail:

    click a specific gallery thumbnail:

    click a specific image thumbnail:

    I include both the above addresses (w/wo "photoshelter" in them)  when submitting sites to search engines, because it seems URLs with "photoshelter" in them seem unrelated to me/my site otherwise.

    -----> Also, in firefox, Bing searches randomly don't include my site in searches, even ones including the site name. Today, I noticed in my firefox browser toolbar that Bing showed site as having 0 pages INDEXED and 0 BACKLINKS. So I did a Bing search, and my site did NOT come up at all.

    all the best - Ann

  • I'm still having a major problem with not bringing up my website when searched on CHROME or FIREFOX. It does show up in search results on SAFARI.

    If I search --->  Ann Parry Photography <---  (with or without quotes) at on Firefox or Chrome browsers, NONE of the results lead to my website nor my blog.



    I regularly submit sitemap for to, and it's usually successful, but what good does it do, if BING will NOT include my site in searches such as this:

    search for: Ann Parry Photography

    Is this all about how photoshelter uses for home page and Galleries & Contact..., but uses for more specific page?

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