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my new website disappeared


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my new website disappeared

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Please help me,my approx. week old website ( was doing pretty good it already in just a week or so been placing pretty good in the search engines.i would type in carbon fiber wheels and a few other key search phrases and it was in the 1st. pages.actually #1 on some (bing,yahoo).and then in like one night my website was gone i cant seem to find it under any searches.

i have another website that i have had for over ten years now and i optimized this one the same way i am really needing help here.

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  • Possibly you're not typing in enough detail or your website has competition with other sites. I believe the Search Engine puts the most popular on the top. I don't think your site would entirely dissapear off the search engine maybe a few tens or hundreds pages back from the front.

  • Also, since this concerns the Search Engine you should put it in the appropriate forum.

  • oh maybe I have to be careful with my new site ( )

  • Thank you for your support.Do you know how long it takes for search engines to approx. start crawling a new site?