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Looking for suggestions for improving SEO


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Looking for suggestions for improving SEO

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Hi everyone, l have a number of websites which l would like to greatly improve search results for. So l was wondering if anyone had suggestions on some good ways to do this ?

I am happy and willing to do a lot of Manual and originally posting, but where are the best blogs, forums, websites to post some content where l can include my links and actually get a bit of positive lift for my websites keywords ?

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If you maybe have a blog of your own and would like someone to do a bit of "RELEVANT" guest posts/comments l would be happy to visit your blog and post to it....... but have a preference for sites that will allow links to be included in the post.

Ok cheers everyone and Good Luck with everything that you are all doing or trying to do !!

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  • best way to improve SEO is to allow for some script based crawling process to do the necessary automatic configuring. chk out for SEO