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How to SEO on Bing SE


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How to SEO on Bing SE

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Dear all,

I am researching on Bing. Right now I have not experienced SEO should want to learn how SEO in Bing

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  • I would like to learn some SEO tips for bing too. I notice that the pages  and backlinks indexed by bing are far lower than other search engines. Any specific reason for this

  • Bing is very good, now, i use tool Bing Webmaster tools, it same google webmaster tool, we can submit new link, it's index very fast..

  • SEO on Bing is very new for every one. I don't know how to SEO on Bing, except submit link on webmaster

  • SEO on Bing is difference with Google, but i don't know how to do it as i can do best. So i need to know about that. Who can help me?

  • Bing support to much to Microsoft software. I recommend you to use Microsoft techniques and tools in your site like databases and sitemaps and build links for your site through bing and use common keywords as bing requires for marketing.

    Fore more info, you can read the Bing webmaster blog;

  • I just submitted site map on my site and i got good effect on rankings you can check on bing..!!!

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    Recently Google, Yahoo and Bing developed a jointly supported protocol called which allows webmasters to mark up their content by using special tags in the HTML code. These tags allow search engines understand easier your content since by using them you can mark your images, videos, product names & descriptions, ratings & reviews, geolocation information, maps, addresses etc and define partially the semantic relationships between different components. If this protocol becomes widely used it will allow search engines to understand and rank the pages easier & better, develop new services and present the information in a more user friendly way.

    The new protocol is designed by Search Engines in order to save them from spending money and resources. This is because it can sufficiently replace in a great extend the expensive machine learning algorithms that are currently used in order to understand the different “types” of data that are contained in each page. Similarly to what we said in the past about duplicate content, when a practice can help search engines reduce their costs, they tend to boost the websites that follow it and punish the ones that don’t. So even though it is early to suggest that can help you boost your rankings, I STRONGLY recommend you to start using it because very very soon, search engines will demand it by giving extra points to the websites that have implemented it.

    please visit :

  • SEO should want to learn how SEO in Bing "dịch vụ bảo vệ bãi gửi xe"

  • I am SEOER  i want to learn how SEO in bing  <links removed by Moderator>

  • Social bookmarking will be the best ways to work with. You will boost ranking easily.