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Indexed folder with encoding issues


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Indexed folder with encoding issues

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We are maintaining a website that have the letters æ, ø, and å in some of the page addresses. This really hasn't been a problem up until some weeks ago when BingBot starting having problems with some of the addresses, and translated a single ø into this string: %C3%83%C6%92%C3%86%E2%80%99%C3%83%E2%80%A0%C3%A2%E2%82%AC%E2%84%A2%C3%83%C6%92%C3%A2%E2%82%AC%C5%A1%C3%83%E2%80%9A%C3%82%C2%A3%C3%83%C6%92%C3%86%E2%80%99%C3%83%C2%A2%C3%A2%E2%80%9A%C2%AC%C3%82%C2%A0%C3%83%C6%92%C3%82%C2%A2%C3%83%C2%A2%C3%A2%E2%82%AC%C5%A1%C3%82%C2%AC%C3%83%C2%A2%C3%A2%E2%82%AC%C5%BE%C3%82%C2%A2%C3%83%C6%92%C3%86%E2%80%99%C3%83%E2%80%A0%C3%A2%E2%82%AC%E2%84%A2%C3%83%C6%92%C3%A2%E2%82%AC%C5%A1%C3%83%E2%80%9A%C3%82%C2%A2%C3%83%C6%92%C3%86%E2%80%99%C3%83%C2%A2%C3%A2%E2%80%9A%C2%AC%C3%85%C2%A1%C3%83%C6%92%C3%A2%E2%82%AC%C5%A1%C3%83%E2%80%9A%C3%82%C2%B8. This in turn lead to both 404 errors, and 500 errors, as the website does not handle that long addresses.

The site did not have a sitemap, but have now, and I have have registered the site in Bing Webmaster Tools. When looking at the Index Explorer, I can see that one of the folders have been both indexed as språkverktøy (correct) and sprÃ¥kverktøy (not so much), and this is most likely the source of our error messages.

So my question is: Should I take any active steps in removing the språkverktøy folder from the index, or will this be eventually removed once the sitemap is thoroughly indexed? Or is it a way to connect the folder with the bad encoding, with the correct one?

Grateful for any help.


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  • When looking at the Index Explorer, I can see that one of the folders

    <Link removed by Moderator>

  • Ensure that invalid paths return 404 status and not a 500. Returning 404 will ensure that over time the crawl will go down to zero and it will drop from the index. Note that by default in index explorer you see everything we have regardless of status - filter by "search traffic" to see if they are actually surfacing in Bing SERPs.

    - Vincent MSFT