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Sitemap Always Fail


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Sitemap Always Fail

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I use the most basic sitemap xml structure, that is, I only added the must have structure to the sitemap.  For some reason, every time I add my sitemap, the URLs submitted shows zero and the status is pending.  Pending always end with the failure error.  Last time I submitted my sitemap, it took several days of pending just to report failed.  Google is having no problem with the sitemap because my website is already being indexed by Google.

Why is Bing not accepting my sitemap?

I think I'm about ready to give up on Bing.  Thank God Google is leading the pack when it comes to search engines.

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  • Could you share your sitemap url?

    Data Center India

  • I have even checked the xml sitemap with online sitemap validating and received the green light.  Google even accepts the sitemap without issues.  Bing always reports the Type is Unknown.  Every time I see that, I know the sitemap will fail...and it does.  I’ve even tried a txt file with all URLs and that failed.

    Google is indexing away while Bing won’t even accept the sitemap…that’s insane.

    My sitemap’s structure is as follows:

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

    <urlset xmlns:xsi=""






  • I think you should use xsl style for your sitemap xml file to get it valid with Bing.

    Find more detaile information by search for [XSL Stylesheets for XML sitemaps]. Just as an example: here is the header of one of my sites sitemap file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href=""

    <sitemapindex xmlns="">