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Bing losing Indexing


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Bing losing Indexing

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Am having a reversal of good fortune on Bing in regards to the number of pages being indexed or in this case having had been indexed. Recently, within the last 3 weeks, Bing has dropped over 90% of all indexed pages for my site. Having gone from 94 indexed pages to 6, now up to 8 as of yesterday. Consequently traffic from Bing has dropped to near  zero.

Anyone else have this problem? Why the reversal?

For a while I was feeling pretty good with the upswing although even at 94 indexed pages Bing was significantly behind Yahoo and Google. 2,100 and 1,400 indexed pages respectively between them. My BIG concern with the issue is the move to Bing’s analytics come next year for Yahoo’s backend. I feel all the hard work achieving indexing and ranking in Yahoo will be all for nothing.  

Thoughts anyone?



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  • I have had the same happen to my site, having over 150 indexed pages reduced to just 26!  Not good.  I'd love to know the reason.  Google has around 400 pages indexed for the same site.

  • To add a positive twist to your story ... our site did the same thing in the early days and they soon picked up and came back. I do think that there is a duplicate restriction which, in our case, I think dislikes large and heavily repeated templated sites.

    If you find your pages are getting hit by duplicate penalties you will need to add unique content to each page, usually around 100 - 200 words of unique, descriptive and interesting text should be enough to counter a big over-bearing template.


    All the best

    Spencer ( Come to me for Treadmills )