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Getting indexed by Bing


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Getting indexed by Bing

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Can someone PLEASE Help. Our site is about 3 months old and we can't get indexed by Bing. We are indexed by most other seach eng. I'm not sure what the problem is. We have submitted URL and sitemap to Bing with no sucess. Our site does Auth. properly through Bing. Could someone check us out and help us to get indexed by Bing. You'll be a friend forever if you can help.


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  • This is most likely due to your poor site rank:

    I'm showing 4 backlinks pointing to your entire site.  This is not enough to encourage Bing to crawl and index the content - their indexing capacities are as large as those of Google and Yahoo and they therefore only index sites that have a good rank.

    Get some good quality and relevant backlinks pointing to your site to encourage MSNbot to index it.

    You also have a very large amount of validation errors which I suggest you fix:

    In order to get indexed, please post in this thread:

    Brett (from Bing) will help you get at least your homepage indexed.  Deeper indexing of the site will require a good rank.

  • Archie has given you some excellent advice. Just follow what he has told you and you should soon see some results.

  • Wow.  You have seriously over-optimized your title tags. But that's not your problem for indexing although it will likely have an effect on your ranking.

    You have a redirect chain on the non-www version of your site.

    Look into that.  it goes to /Default.asp?Redirected=Y then to /Default.asp

    Your logo points to (lower case) and your "home" link points to

    Inconsistent home page urls and redirect chains have been shown to cause indexing problems with Bing.

  • Why did you put your validation code into the Title:
    <title> your title <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="...
    I think you should also revise your keywords as well as the title.

  • Archie and others have given you very good replies that will help you to get the site indexed. However, Bing is slow in indexing new sites, especially the ones with very low ranks. So, be patient and work on improving the site rank.

    Even though the site has been indexed by other search engines, you have to understand that Bing is programmed differently and its algorithm considers certain factors differently as well, even though it aims to provide relevant results like others. So, it's all about approach!

  • You should work on yourover-optimized title tags, they are too long and you repeat the same keywords, but that's not the reason why you are not indexed, to get indexed faster work on back links, it will definitely help.

  • Where do you put the Validation code? Thanks for the help.

  • Hi Archie, Thanks for all the great advice. What are back links out bound links. Again thanks for all your help.



  • The validation code goes in a meta statement on a line on its own between the <head> and </head>

    I normally put mine just before the title and it will look like this:

    <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="6DB44A63EABB7A781C27141414141C76B" />

    and you can pick the code up complete from the validations tool in your account.


    Hope that helps

  • The entire index process works organically, so in essence, there’s not much you can do but make sure the information on your site is original and of high quality.

    A link from an authority site is generally the fastest way for your site to be picked up by search engine, so I’d suggest writing a press release, which can be pretty expensive, but it’ll be well worth it in the long run.

  • I also want the analysis of my website for indexing on Bing. It is

    Please help.

  • Looks like you have 22 pages indexed:

  • I agree that they should not use mutiple links or pages for main page. The defualt should be removed and all links point back to main page. Archie had some other good ideas also so i think they just need to work on on site seo and get some links.

  • I have the same issue: