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Switching Domains - Don't Want To Lose SERPS And Rank - Please Advice!


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Switching Domains - Don't Want To Lose SERPS And Rank - Please Advice!

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Hey Bing Webmasters!

I need your advice!

I purchased a new domain for my site (old site with PR3, indexed at Bing, Yahoo and Google with many first pages and even #1 positions.... Really good SERPS).

I am working on updating and revamping the site. So, I also wanted an easier to
remember domain that is shorter and more targeted to our niche. Even the keyword
in the domain might help SERPS in the long run.

But I am worried that not adding it, or switching it right, might affect or harm our current SERPS position and rank.

So, in the meantime while I figure out the right game plan, I only forward it to the old (original) domain.

Should I point it to the site's name server? Or should I wait and start promoting it and building some SEO to it first?

I purchased the new domain with the intention of making it the main domain or even replace the old domain at some point.

Any idea or suggestion on how I should do it without losing SERPS or PR?
I am just getting second opinions from friends and colleagues in order to be 100% sure!

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  • Dear Article_Writer

                               Good question. I would suggest as below:

    you have your old site up and running with good PR.

    you have booked another domain and would like to point current domain to the new domain. without loosing your rankings.

    Suggestions: first configure your new domain account where ever you need to host and copy all your old site data to it. verify accessing the site with the temp url if provided by your hosting provider. it should not have any issuess and when you are confirmed that yes you have set everything right.

    now its time to make a redirect from your old site to the new one / or change name servers from old to new ones.

    in this way when the search engines come to visit your site either they get old records they go to old hosting servers where you site is already there and if they get the new records then they go to the new hosting servers which is already running. this way you dont allow the search engines to stop crawling. 


  • Google has written an excellent article about this issue:

  • Really good article and explained everything.

  • 301 redirects can be your friend.

    It really depends on how many pages you have.


  • simple use 301 redirect i hope you don't loss your SERP and get update your site

    good luck

  • Thanks folks. I have to move some of my websites and this info will help.

  • Put all content and data to new site and use 301 redirect. Make sure the redirection is working properly.

    In initial, on temporary basis you will loose few SERP, but you will get it ultimately.

  • You will need to research your incoming links very carefully and then build your services, products etc around the theme of those links. Search engines now only give full credit for incoming links from sites within your own field and therefore changing the use of the website will have consequences unless you make sure that your links are still applicable. You could make this work to your advantage, by better building your new site to optimise the site to link compatability ratio.

  • i have recently done as you have. In fact i did it twice from domain A to domain B and before completing to Domain C

    Technically its very easy

    point both domain to the same site, put a 301 from any other domain to your canonical domain (new one) and eventually all pages will change. If your using you can do this in the web.config or you can use a http module to get the request before it hits the server.

    It has taken over a month for me, and there is still 7 pages in domain A, about 40 in Domain B and about 30 in domain C. thats google by the way.

    bing does not 301 redirect the first time it is crawled, it takes several crawls to honer the 301, ( at least that is what i have read)
    but be warned you will lose your SERP's while this is happening