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List of Advisory Threads


This group is devoted to Bing Webmaster Tools discussions.

List of Advisory Threads

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This is a list of advisory posts that have been written in an attempt to answer the most common questions asked here, and hopefully reduce them:

General Indexing Advice

Wrong Region Targeted

Not all of sitemap indexed

Bing is not Google

Verification Advice

If you are experiencing one of the above problems (or thinking of complaining that Google's done something Bing hasn't, then please read them before posting - it'll save us all time.

Please also search (the "find content in Bing community" link - top right hand corner) and read the FAQ's before you ask a question.

Please don't ask your questions here (or in any of the threads above); open a new thread for them



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  • Good collections of information. I hope such things are enough to clear a doubt regarding this question

  • Oh love this list.


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    Good job again, Archie. The issue is that some people do not search for anything before they start similar threads. Maybe because the search function is hidden away, and many can't find it.

    Good point, i can't find it either on first look. Have to hunt for it.

  • Thanks for the list.

  • thanks for the list, this post should be sticky...I love the 'Bing is not Google" one, pretty obvious but people tend to confuse all the search engines and think they are all the same :S

  • You've shared some great threads. It will help to solve lot of problem so no need to ask question in new thread.

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  • Thanks for the links provided by you all.

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  • I am interested to know about the "Wrong Region Targeted". Do you meant that Bing specifically index webpages based on specific location? So when people in the specific region make search that means all the search result that comes out first are website from the specific region itself? buy steroids

  • Nice post.. this will be a good guide for the comers like me.