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How often do Bing update a sites backlinks?


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How often do Bing update a sites backlinks?

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Is it correct that Bing update a site's backlinks about once a month?

- Will

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  • Where are you checking your site's backlinks in Bing?

  • I don't. But that isn't the point.

  • Hi siflur

    I have never checked my backlinks in Bing. But you can check in bing when you have a webmaster account.

    I used to check my site's backlinks in yahoo and Google only.

  • A few years ago you can use

    on to check ALL your backlinks. Then they decide to disallow this command/tool, so don't know if you are using a new commant on bing to check backlinks... if you have a way to check backlinks on Bing without using Webmaster tool let me know.




  • I'm not interested in checking my backlinks. My question was HOW OFTEN Bing do a backlink update and if my assumption of about once a month is about the same as what you experience.

  • Every time their robots process your website they analyze your backlink too and gives your site and score.

  • Im pretty sure they update internally quite often for algo changes, but probably take a month to show publicly the backlinks.

  • To the best of my knowledge, the frequency of backlink update is not disclosed to outsiders. Whatever you hear from outsiders is a mere guesswork.

  • the backlink only count by yahoo and google  ? What about bing ? i have never head that !

  • There is no specific time to update backlinks for your website. It's an automated process and no one can tell you exact duration for backlink update.

  • I haven't  checked my backlinks in Bing, but in some other search engines. So you can also check your backlinks in other search engines.

  • where can I see the backlinks taken by bing ?

  • Just watch star constellations ;-)

  • Just you can have your site backlinks in bing webmaster.