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I Want To Search Bing By Date!


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I Want To Search Bing By Date!

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I keep reading articles about the state of Microsoft's Bing search engine, and how they are experimenting with all types of measures to push the brand name and encourage more everyday people to use the service.  Well, I can only speak for myself; but, I would happily use Bing if it possessed similar (and easy to access) advanced search options (like search by date) as Google.  Why doesn't Microsoft understand this?

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  • Completely agree. I really want to move away from Google but searching by date is absolutely essential. I cannot believe MS don't understand this. I would also use Duck Duck Go but they also seem to have missed the point on this. Looks like I'm stuck with Google

  • It's nearly impossible to use Bing without the option of sorting results by date -- It's terribly frustrating and insane that Microsoft does not offer this.  

  • I'm reposting here since the original thread I found was too long and outdated. Hope that's okay.

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    Building on shanevo's answer, there is an easy way to make the search by date option appear every time.

    Firefox (and maybe the others) have a kind of bookmark that activates whenever you type a keyword in the address bar. I have it set up so that I only have to type b  in the address bar followed by my search. So, b no date filter will automatically go to bing and search for no date filter. Additionally, it puts tbs=qdr in the final url so the date option is always available.

    To do this in firefox, create a new bookmark (ctrl+b to open bookmark viewer, right click -> new bookmark). Set 'Location' as and set 'Keyword' as b or anything else you'd like. Now you can search Bing as described above. If you automatically want to restrict to a particular date range, instead use the following for bookmark 'Location'.  -  any time  -  past day  -  past week  -  past month

    Hope this helps. It really is a pain to only sometimes get the date option. With this solution, one can easily perform searches with only keyboard input (no manually opening bing, clicking on the search box, etc.). The actions: 'ctrl+t, alt+d, 'b <search string>' are all you need to open a new tab, focus on address bar, and query bing so that it gives you results with a date option.

    (An aside: the bookmark hotkey trick can be set up to work with other searchable sites: wikipedia, google, allmusic, youtube, dictionary, ..., and each has their own hotkey. ex. 'w Annapurna' redirects to It's just a lot easier to type that than to navigate to wikipedia and then search.)