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Bing not indexing my site


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Bing not indexing my site

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Bing is not indexing my site.  I have submitted the site numerous times as well as added a sitemap.  What's the trick?  Google worked everytime.  I'm not looking for high-page ranking I'm just looking for someone to be able to type in the name of the company and find the site.  Simple enough on Google.


Thanks in advance for the help!


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  • Please follow the necessary things for getting your site indexed in bing search engine.

    1. First, point your browser to this URL:

    2. You will need a Windows LiveID to sign in, so if you have a Windows Live service like MSN Messenger for example, use that. If not, go ahead and create one, then sign in. Once you're signed in to the Webmaster Center, you will see two sections. At the top you will see Message, (similar to Google's notifications), and below it you will see Sites. Let's go ahead and add your website.

    3. Click on Add Site.

    4. A small pop up box will appear. Enter your URL, (example, the clickSubmit.

    5. After clicking Submit you will be taken to a new page that asks you to verify ownership. You have the option to upload an XML file on your server, or copy and paste a tag to your default webpage. I personally choose to upload a file to my server, but if you don't have a file manager or FTP access, you will want to choose to copy the tag. DO NOT CLICK VERIFY YET!

    6. Once you've done that, click verify, and Bing will verify your site ownership. Once it's done, you will be taken to the Dashboard for that site. Here you will be able to monitor all of the information about your site including the Traffic Summary and Index Summary.

  • Site is verified and its still not working.  Its indexing but still not showing up.

  • Hmm, very strange. It looks like you're site isn't indexed at all:

    Try to submit at least the most important pages through the site dashboard:  Configure My Site -> Submit URLs

    Hope this will help :)

  • It can help if you post onto this site with a link to your website. Bing and google will index it a lot quicker


    <link removed by moderator>


  • I am having the same problem, no indexing on Bing, but Google is fine.

    I have checked the steps, verified etc.

    Very poor experience.

  • i have the same problems ! I follow all steps ,but still no succes.

  • I check your site and it's really not indexed by Bing...

    But it's may be because only one site is linking to your site,

    so first try to get some back links then may be your site will show up on Bing.

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  • I´m have the same problem, but I´ll follow your advice and post my site here.. maybe it helps.

    My site is a Danish "trælast", "byggemarked":

    <link removed by moderator>

  • hi jeff,

    the same problem i am facing. i am waiting for the indexing of my website Today i requested again. I removed all malware and apply for indexing. This way they suggested. I think is a fast growing search engine in the world.