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Fetch as Bingbot in Bing webmaster tools result: unexpected error??


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Fetch as Bingbot in Bing webmaster tools result: unexpected error??

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A fetch as Bingbot results from Bing webmaster tools resulted in "unexpected error"  The latest fetch dated Jan 4, 2013 and was okay.

Performing the same fetch now results in unexpected error in Dutch "onverwachte fout".

Can anyone tell me what and how to check what happened?


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  • @SafariHans

    This could have been a temporary issue. Can you check if this error is still occurring for you now? If so, can you send me Direct Message with your site details so that I can have a look?


  • I have the same problem for the sites in my Bing Webmaster control panel.  It would appear that the Markup Validator is not retuning any results for me either.    Is there any update on this?

    Thank you.

  • Everything works fine for me. Both, Markup Validator and Fetch as Bingbot tools do not return any errors. So, it must be temporary issues.

  • Just to follow up on this: we've located the issue with Fecth as Bingbot which affects a subset of users depending on geo-location. We have a fix ready and pending successful testing we should be able to get this out over the next day or so. This should also fix any issues you are seeing with Markup Validator.

    Thanks all who reported the issue and chimed in.



  • Hello Vincent,

    I have the same problem with my 2 websites, both says "unexpected error" when I try to Fetch as Bingbot. One or two month ago this worked for me, but the past week I try to do it and failed. This week fails too, and the people of email suport don't help. Please, can you take a look to see what is happening??

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes Me too, i just try for my link  three time and still error :(

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  • I, too, have encountered such cases, it is difficult

  • Me too, i'm still getting "Status: Unexpected Error "

  • I am seeing this same issue, also in the Netherlands, is it resolved?