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Can't login to Webmaster Tools


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Can't login to Webmaster Tools

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Somewhere in 2012 I registered for "Bing Webmaster Tools". I uploaded bingauth file and everything was OK. I forgot about this account actually. Now I started receiving emails "Bing webmaster tools issue notification summary for 10/30/2013". And I get this every week. I tried to login, but bing site says my login doesn't exist. So why I receive these e-mail if my address doesn't exist? I registered new LIVE account (using e-mail that I receive this e-mails from bing) hoping that my webpage will be there, but it is not. I can add it one more time but what about this old account? AFAIR when I registered there wasn't something called live account, is it possible? How can I get access to my account? I have my old bingauth file with string of characters between <user> tags, can I decode it to get my username or something that will allow me to login?

I can't even unsubscribe because when I click "To unsubscribe or change the frequency of this message, please visit the Bing Webmaster Tools to update your preference." it tells me to login but it doesn't work...

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  • I use Bing Webmaster Tools tool is normal that such game dien thoai

  • yes, it's normal.

  • Seems that Microsoft does not give a damn. I have been trying for ages just to submit a site to webmaster tools but cannot, and I am one of many. If they want to be taken seriously as a search engine socks need to be pulled up. Bloody disaster, just look at all the unanswered questions.